6 Best Apps for Communication between Teachers and Parents

The most crucial ingredient that improves the learning process for students is effective communication between teachers and parents. If the teachers and parents are in touch with each other, they can easily inform each other about the health issues, behavioral issues, and successes of the student among others.

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Sadly, even good students forget passing vital information to their parents. Alternatively, some students may find it difficult to remember the right details, thus giving wrong messages to their parents. As a result, their parents finally get false messages although it was initially correct.

For instance, parents may have to pay class trip fees on set dates, or provide their kid’s documents to their football coach for verification of eligibility in some sports but fail to do on the set dates. Reason being, they received the wrong information regarding the set dates from their kids.

The critical thing to note is that communication is an important element of the education process. So, to avoid passing on of incorrect information from kids, parents and teachers can communicate directly using communication apps. These parent-teacher communication apps help in many situations, such as passing the correct information on time among others. In this article, we have made your search easier if you are looking for a parent-teacher communication app to use. Here are some free and paid parent-teacher communication apps that you may evaluate and use as per your needs:

Paid Parent-Teacher Communication Apps

1. SchoolMessenger

Although SchoolMessenger is a direct communication app that helps parents and teachers to share information without distortion, it goes beyond that. This app has optional extensions like features that send notifications to legal parties that their child got to school safely. Besides that, this app stores different types of student information, thus enabling parents to have a centralized location of accessing the information. Also, SchoolMessenger is available for Android and iOS users.

2. ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a communication app that offers parents and teachers a safe way of talking to each other on school activities. This app enables teachers to share files or calendar events, as well as engaging their students’ parents in private messages. Besides this, ParentSquare has a parent directory which lets members to either make their details hidden or visible. Therefore, it might help adults get connected, and enhance their school learning process as a team.

Additionally, you should sign up for product demos to enjoy free trials and select an appropriate cost option on their platform, if you are interested. Also, it’s free to download, and it can be used on both iOS and Android.

3. Additio EdVoice

Additio EdVoice is not specifically for parents and teachers, although most of its features are aimed at such groups. All messages sent go to phones with this app installed, whether it is a student’s phone or for a legal caregiver.

Furthermore, this app supports real-time messaging, and it allows users to restrain from problems of other means like WhatsApp group. You can send messages meant for an entire school, district, or particular classes. Finally, you only get the pricing information after requesting for app demos, and it’s available for Android and iOS download under the name Additio.

Free Parent-Teacher Communication Apps

4. Bloomz

This app is a multi-purpose messaging app which allows teachers to perform things such as providing parents with updates related to their kid’s classroom or sending them reminders on things they are supposed to undertake. Besides that, it has a behavior-tracking area, as well as methods for educators to display examples of the types of work that students will undertake during school days. t is a student’s phone or for a legal caregiver.

In addition, when teachers are sending messages to parents, they are not required to state their details, such as their email addresses. Finally, Bloomz offers basic functionality free of charge, although in-app purchases are available. It is available for iOS and Android download.

5. Talking Points

This communication app tries to eliminate the language barrier that exists between teachers and parents. Reason being, these barriers might block efforts of asking questions and giving updates. Thus, it allows teachers to input their messages in English, and it will then translate the message into multiple languages. After that, if the recipient parents do not understand English, they are capable of replying in their native languages.

Talking Points provides a functionality similar to text-message. Also, it functions in a smoother means instead of making the users go for Google Translate or other translation means. Additionally, this app is available for free, but it has paid versions. You can use it on Android or iOS devices.

6. Remind

Similar to Talking Point app, Remind app lets teachers to translate their messages into many languages. Even so, this app goes beyond to facilitate sending of voice clips, photos, and PDFs. In addition, you can use this app to send messages to either individuals or groups, especially updates to a specific class.

Unfortunately, the greatest disadvantage of Remind is that parents cannot respond to messages as it provides just one-way communication. It is available for Android and iOS download. z offers basic functionality free of charge, although in-app purchases are available. It is available for iOS and Android download.


Unlike before, communication between parents and teachers have been made smoother by technology. All the above parent-teacher communication apps eliminate communication issues, thus facilitating the delivery of correct and timely information.

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