9 Best Free Calling Apps and Chat Apps to Use 2019 in Singapore

some years back, every Singapore citizen who was traveling abroad had no other app to use in calling back home apart from Skype. So, Skype was compulsory, as it was the only means of calling their parents, relatives, and friends back home without paying huge phone bills.
9 best chat

 Luckily, the market today is full of free chat and calling apps, giving everyone the freedom to choose an app of their choice.

As long as the phone of the person you want to call has the same app as the one on your phone, you can make free calls or chat instantly.

Also, some of these apps have the option of making calls at a fee to landline numbers. However, the fees are cheaper than those charged when making long distance calls using your mobile phone. Nonetheless, the rates vary depending on your location and the country of the person you intend to call.

Here is a comparison table of Singapore rate for every app:

Calling/Chat app

Free calls to…

Best rates calling rates(Singapore)

faceTime Apple iPhone users
FB Messenger facebook friends
Google Hangouts Gmail/Gchat contacts
Whatsapp Whatsapp contacts
telegram Telegram contacts
Line Line Contacts & up to 5 mins for selected countries US$0.05/minute
Skype Skype Contacts 1 months free trial
US$3.99/month(400 minutes)or US$6.99/month(unlimited)
Viber Viber  contacts US$2.99/month(400 minutes)
WeChat WeChat  contacts S$0.56/minute
Most likely, this is the most popular messaging app in the world, as well as in Singapore. If you have a smartphone, then you have Whatsapp. But, there are exceptional cases, where one has uninstalled the app.

You can only make calls to individuals who are using Whatsapp. Thus, the app does not allow making calls to non-users. If you and the person you want to call are connected to either data or Wifi, then you can either video call or voice call.

There are no specified rates for calling individuals who are not using Whatsapp.

Globally, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are the most used instant messaging apps. I do use these apps almost daily.

The main benefit of using Facebook Messenger is that it allows you to call any of your Facebook friends, without using their real phone numbers. You do not need a phone number to make a call. In case you lose your phone and the entire contacts, you can still get in touch with your friends.

It does not have specified rates for calling non-users.

3. WeChat

The Chinese developed this messaging app, and it has been ahead of other messaging apps like Whatsapp. WeChat first introduced free voice calls and video calls to its users.

Besides that, from 2016 WeChat Out allowed its users to start calling landlines, and non-WeChat users all over the world. The approximated rate for making calls in Singapore is S$0.056/minute.

The call rates to non-WeChat users vary depending on the country.

All iPhones have FaceTime installed as a default app. This app permits users to make voice and video calls to all other “i” class devices. Are you surprised when I say all “I” clan devices? Yes, this app allows you to call non-mobile devices such as iPod and iPad because it is connected to your Apple ID. However, you should have either the email address or mobile number of the person you want to call using this app.

The recent iOS (from iPhone X and iPad Pro-3rd gen) allows you to apply animated emoji avatars while on a video call, as well as capturing live photos.

There are no specified rates for calling individuals who are not using this app.

Recently, the number of people using Telegram increased, as it has turned out to be the most secure alternative of Whatsapp.

However, it only permits communication between individuals who are using it. You can either make a free voice call or instant message using the app if you both use it, and have data or Wifi connection.

There are not specified rates of calling no-users.

Just like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts allows you to call or instantly chat your Gmail contacts.

With Google Hangouts, you can voice call, video call or chat any person who owns a Gmail address. Anyone with a Gchat account can be reached via Hangouts.

This app has no specified rates for calling its non-users.

7. Viber

Apart from being a messaging app that allows its users to send cutesy stickers, Viber offers more. You can make international calls to mobile phones and landlines using the Viber Out function.

Although the Viber Out option has some charges, the rates are reasonable and affordable. This app offers 400 talk-time minutes in Singapore for just S$ 4.06. But, the number of minutes provided vary depending on the country.

Nonetheless, if you want to communicate with a person who has Viber app in their phone, you need data or wifi connection to make a free voice call or video call.

8. Skype

Initially, Skype was offering excellent service. However, nowadays Microsoft seems to manage the app poorly, as the quality of services has gone down.

Nonetheless, Skype is one of the apps that offer the most affordable rates for making overseas calls. Besides that, it enables you to get a personal Skype number that your family or friends can use to call you without using the Skype app.

Furthermore, you can use Skype credits to call mobile phones and landlines. It is good to keep in mind that the rates depend on the country. In Singapore, the monthly rates are S$9.50 for unlimited calls and S$5.42 for 400 minutes of talk-time. If you are interested in testing the service first, you can use the 1-month free trial.

If your family or friends are in your Skype contact list, then you get in touch with them through video call, voice call or even instant chats for free.


LINE is one of the most popular messaging apps to use in Singapore, although its mostly used in K-dramas. Calling LINE users is free, but calling non-LINE users in some specific countries is free for approximately 3-5 minutes. Here are the countries that are in the free list: Canada, US, UK, Germany, Korea, Australia, India, Hong Kong, and China.

The rate for making calls in Singapore is S$0.086/ minute.

Offering service of higher quality to all network users/customers.

Final Thoughts

Free call apps and chat apps have made communication in Singapore much easier. The market today is full of messaging and call apps, and it is upon you to decide the app that best suits you.

However, some apps are entirely free, while others charge some fee.

Do you have any other calling or chat app that you are using in Singapore? If so, share the experience in our comment section.