All you need to know about Phone Flashing

Phone flashing is the process of erasing the operating system or memory of your phone and substituting it with another. This service is offered by both official phone producer and un-official producers.

What is Phone Flashing?

What happens when you flash a phone?

When you flash your phone, its software settings get changed; changing how the phone operates. So, the exact occurrence depends on the kind of phone you are using, as well as the software used in flashing it.

Reasons to flash your phone

There are various reasons for phone flashing. You may flash your phone to:

   • Erase the operating system

You can flash your phone if a software breakdown has eroded its performance, or a recent upgrade has affected it negatively. After flashing your phone, it becomes a blank slate. Thus, you can install a software package of your choice.

   • Clean the memory

Phone flashing also involves cleaning the memory of your phone, getting it back to the initial manufacturer’s default setting. Although this feature is offered in the security section of some phones, some devices require you to have a key code and the master subsidy lock of the device. This device master subsidy lock is a six-digit number owned by your carrier.

phone flash

   • Upgrade your software

The most common reason for flashing your phone is to upgrade your software to a recent version. Fortunately, most manufacturers have an automated process in place, which can be performed via the phone’s menu. However, if your phone is an older model that does not provide an automatic update, you can get a complete upgrade from your local service provider.

   • Replace your carrier

Another major reason for flashing your phone is to replace the operating system of your phone, to enable it to function on a different carrier. For example, if you are using Verizon Razr, you can flash it to function on Sprint’s network. Nonetheless, this process is very complex, and it is only applicable if two carriers utilize one phone model. This process is extremely complex that even professionals who try it end up making their phones useless. In case they are successful in replacing the carrier, they finally lose some of their phone’s features, thus making their warranty void.

   • Get more storage space

Some phones have relatively low-end configurations. So, a consistent examination of the memory space makes them perform smoothly. However, useless and undeletable junks may occupy internal memory, making it impossible to uninstall pre-installed apps. In such a case, the best option to get more storage space is flashing your phone.

   • Speed-up your phone

Your phone might freeze after using it for long hours. A freezing phone is irritating; you wish to throw it away or smash it. However, before doing so, try and flash it. Flashing will boost the speed of your phone.

Is there any danger involved in Phone Flashing?

Irrespective of the flashing, there is deleting of information. This involves deleting all your information, such as calendar and phonebook. However, unlike all other flashing means that deletes your information, automatic upgrades back-up all your information and restore it on your behalf. Thus, before undertaking any phone flashing step, ensure your device is backed-up. If the model cannot be backed-up on a PC, ensure you have written down all vital information on a piece of paper.

Finally, it is not always legal or accepted by your cell phone policy. So, ensure you take the process appropriately.

What is the full Phone Flashing?

Full flashing is the erasing of your operating system on your phone and replacing it with another. This kind of flashing removes all your information on the phone. It is worth noting that flush flashing is either upgrading or downgrading the operating system of your phone to another version, as well as changing to a new operating system.


Phone flashing is done because of various reasons. Besides this, there are different kinds of flashing.

Flashing your phone may make the warrant of your phone void. Also, based on your phone’s manufacturer security measures, flashing can make your phone useless. Thus, before flashing your phone, ensure you have backed up the information on your PC, or written down all vital information.

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