Cloud Communication


24 Mar: Invest in Unified Communication Platform for Improving Business

Because of changes occurring in the workforce, the faces of communication and collaboration have changed. Technological solutions that make communication and the communication process easier are increasing daily. Besides that, the communication process can be more effective through recent tech solutions. Nonetheless, once your business starts to use various tools and solutions, the efficiency and productivity of your employees will start to decrease.
B2C Customer Experience

14 Mar: Redefine Your B2C Customer Experience With Cloud Communications

The use of automated communication solutions like SMS API for delivery status, payment reminders, and others is a necessity in B2C customer experience. Certainly, provision of an entire customer experience is an important step to remaining on top of your competitors. However, you can simplify the process using end-to-end communications like voice solutions and SMS. They provide a strong set of tools for increasing sales and engagement.

18 Jan: The Ultimate Guide to IVR

Interactive Voice Response or IVR technology has brought changes in voice interactions and revolutionized many industries' customer support. Although it is a simple technology, it has resulted in the innovation of many apps in industries such as customer support, automobile, healthcare, and others.