Cloud Communication


18 Jan: The Ultimate Guide to IVR

Interactive Voice Response or IVR technology has brought changes in voice interactions and revolutionized many industries' customer support. Although it is a simple technology, it has resulted in the innovation of many apps in industries such as customer support, automobile, healthcare, and others.
Cloud Communication in Healthcare

27 Sep: Cloud Communication Aids Customer Communication in Healthcare

Among the fastest-growing industries all over the world is healthcare. It is estimated that the US spends around $3 trillion on growing this industry, which consumes about 18% of its economy. Likewise, the CAGR growth of India is 16.5% to approximately 22.6%, which is expected to reach $280 billion by the year 2020. Therefore, enhancing customer support by cloud communication has become essential now a days.

12 Jun: Learn About Cloud Telephony

Over the past few years, “Cloud” was the recent kid to be introduced on the block. It is still and might remain to be. The communications field has completely been changed by cloud technology through data and voice-based host services. This is one of the communication technology which emerged from the cloud after the revolution of VoIP.