18 Jan: The Ultimate Guide to IVR

Interactive Voice Response or IVR technology has brought changes in voice interactions and revolutionized many industries' customer support. Although it is a simple technology, it has resulted in the innovation of many apps in industries such as customer support, automobile, healthcare, and others.
Intensive Communication

10 Oct: Keep your Customers Engaged Through Intensive Communication

For every entrepreneur, getting a lead and changing a visitor into a customer is a fulfilled dream. However, this should not be the end of your growth process. Instead, your main job after this achievement should be making the customer as your loyal client. Although you can achieve this through many different means, among the best signs of serious friendship with your customers is intensive communication.
reasons to choose SMS Campaign for client communication

21 Aug: Top 5 reasons to choose SMS Campaign for client communication

Voice Calling is the quickest and simplest means for employees to communicate with each other despite their location, and for businesses with their customers. Although some questions from customers might be answered online, most of them have specific questions which they opt speaking with a real person. Therefore, choosing a reliable communication software is essential for every business.