Reliable Communication Software

02 Aug: Selecting the Reliable Communication Software

Voice Calling is the quickest and simplest means for employees to communicate with each other despite their location, and for businesses with their customers. Although some questions from customers might be answered online, most of them have specific questions which they opt speaking with a real person. Therefore, choosing a reliable communication software is essential for every business. 
call alert image

24 Jul: The Complete Guide of Call Alerts

There are two things that become essential in times of business emergencies. One, ensuring all stakeholders get information on the problem at hand in real-time. Second is moving fast and working on a solution. In this era, we receive constant alerts and calls. However, spams are thriving. So, how can businesses make sure they are reaching the right people, and at the right time? Call Alerts can come here for the rescue.
Outbound Calling Plan

11 Jul: Improve Communication With Outbound Calling Plan

The success of modern commercial ecosystem depends on outbound calling plan. It gives businesses some human touch. Also, it opens a direct communication line with the customers. Whether its information gathering, sales, data collection, or marketing, outbound calling makes sure your company’s goals are achieved as expected.

28 Jun: Top 9 Web-based Services for Text-to-Speech Conversion

Are your eyes feeling strained after sitting for long hours in front of your computer? Or, are you willing to do some task on your computer but you cannot focus? How would it feel if you can close your eyes relaxing and listen to someone reading the stuff you were to read? Indeed, it is a nice feeling. Web-based Services for Text-to-Speech Conversion helps you to make your work easier.

01 Jun: Making Video Meetings Successful when Working from Home

The availability of video communication software such as Google hangout and Skype have made remote working normal. For instance, 28 out of 40 employees of the popular Basecamp Company work remotely. This translates to approximately 70% of their workforce working from various locations. Most of their employees use video call to talk with their colleagues and come up with plans. Therefore, making Video meetings successful is becoming essential day by day.

18 May: Ways to Increase your Sales Growth using Cloud Communications

Irrespective of having excellent communication skills or product knowledge, you need to have an appropriate technology solution which anchors your sales activities for you to achieve a good sales record. Luckily, you can increase your Sales growth using Cloud Communications platform. New and established enterprises are increasingly utilizing cloud communications for sales and marketing growth.