What different operating systems does YuWee support?

For Desktop currently YuWee supports Windows, Linux and Mac. For Mobile it supports Android and iOS operating systems.

What all browsers does YuWeesupport?

YuWee supports a wide range of web browsers-

Web Browsers Versions (or later)
Chrome 23
Firefox 22
Opera 18
Safari 11
Chrome for Android 67
Firefox for Android 60
Opera for Android 46
Safari for iOS 11.2

Do I have to install any software or plug-ins?

No, you do not need to install any software or plug-in to start using the services byYuWee.
Note: Alight weight plug-in will need to be installed if user wants to use screen-sharing functionality.

Can I send texts and files during calls?

Yes, you will have the ability to chat with users during the call.

Does YuWee have applications for Android and iOS devices?

Yes, YuWee has Mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Can I use YuWee on Multiple devices?

Yes, YuWee allows you to login from multiple devices using same ID. You can be logged in on your laptop and on your phonesimultaneously using YuWee Webapp and YuWee Mobile apps for Android/iOS applications using the same login ID.

How many members can I add to a call?

Virtually there is no limit to how many members can be added, but it will depend on the plan user is subscribed to.

Will YuWee work internationally?

Yes, YuWee works globally as long as there is Internet connectivity.

What is the minimum bandwidth requirement to have video and audio calls on YuWee?

For Video call minimum bandwidth requirement is 600-700Kbps and for Audio it is 100Kbps.

What is the minimum hardware requirement?

Minimum hardware requirement for Windows and Linux is 2GB RAM. For Mobile apps on Android and iOS devices minimum RAM should be 1GB.

Can a Registered YuWee user call a non-registered user, and How?

A registered user can initiate a call to non-registered user on YuWee. When a registered user initiates a call by using the email id of other non-registered user, an email will be sent with links to attend the call. Non-registered user can use those links and get on the call with registered user.

Is there a Desktop notification feature for calls and chat messages? Can I turn it on or off as per my requirement?

Yes, Browser notifications are by default enabled for both calls and chat messages. User can turn the “Browser notifications”on/off from his account settings in YuWee.

Can I add a member during an active call?

Yes, you can add a member while the call is going on.

Can I share my screen with other users on the call?

Yes, you can enable screen sharing from the call screen.
Note: Currently screen sharing is only available on Chrome and Firefoxfor desktops.

What if I am offline and someone tries to call me?

You will receive an email regarding the call containing the call links. You can initiate the callfrom the same email later.

. I accidently started a video call instead of audio call, is there any option to disable the video during the call?

Yes, the control bar on the call screen allows users to disable the video during a call.

Can I mute my microphone during call?

Yes, the control bar on the call screen allows users to disable the microphone during call.

I accidently sent a text/file to a wrong user, is there any way to delete the message?

Yes, text or files can be deleted from the chat anytime.

For web- Hovering the mouse over the text would give the delete option.

For application- simply tap and hold on the text to get the delete option.

I mostly call only two people in my contact list; can I create any shortcut to quickly communicate with them?

Yes, contacts can be marked as favorite from the contact details.

there any way to join the call if it drops for any random reason?

For one-to-one call- there is no way to join the same call, user has to start the call again.
For a group call- user can join the same call from Recent calls list by pressing the Join button.