Keep your Customers Engaged Through Intensive Communication

For every entrepreneur, getting a lead and changing a visitor into a customer is a fulfilled dream. However, this should not be the end of your growth process. Instead, your main job after this achievement should be making the customer as your loyal client. Although you can achieve this through many different means, among the best signs of serious friendship with your customers is intensive communication.

Intensive Communication

Following are the ways on how to engage your customers through intensive communication and, in turn, generate higher revenues in your business:

1. Send out business letters

Are you planning to leave a unique impression to any of your long-term customers? Consider using a regular message. For example, when organizing an end year party for your business, use well-crafted invitation cards or invitation letters to invite your business partners.

Besides that, you can utilize traditional letters to send unique catalogs during the launch of a new product. Also, this means of communication is useful when offering elegant items. However, overdoing it or doing it in a wrong way can appear inappropriate or cheap and go wrong for your business.

2. Emails

Send email

Contrary to the instant nature of social media communication, an excellent option for contacting your customer is through email.

The use of email for business communication indicates you respect your client’s time. The clients read the email repeatedly when checking their inbox, and make a reply whenever they have sufficient time to do so. Because of its slower nature, an email is an ideal tool for providing your customers with special discounts. And, to send new catalogs and business newsletters.

Sending relevant content to your customers gives them an extra reason for engaging with your business once more. Also, the nearer your message is to their changing requirements, the higher the conversion chance. Further, an email can be used for discussing private data of a customer when making a transaction. For example, payment details such as project milestones, invoicing terms, and account numbers.

3. Interaction through your website

Any visitor who comes to your website should be able to contact you without difficulties. Without a doubt, the easiest means of offering them such a choice is creating a unique contact page. Also, ensure you have placed a link to the page on your homepage. Further, you can add this button on every page of your site to enhance its communication feature.

For smooth communication, ensure your contact section has all the above elements. These include your business mobile and landline phone numbers and email addresses. Also, you can have a Skype and What’s App buttons on the contact area.


But, some visitors might not have sufficient patience or time to contact you through the contact section. Even so, they are your potential customers as they have shown the interest of visiting your website. Thus, add a live chat window on your website to get their attention and change them into your customers. Nonetheless, you should have a communication operator who is available 24/7 to answer questions.

4. Availability via social media

It is estimated the number of social media users will be more than 3 billion people by 2021. Therefore, providing your customers with smooth communication using social media is essential. Moreover, smartphone users all over the world will be 2.87 billion by 2020. Many of these users happen to be on social media daily.

So, you should make a communication team that is in charge of handling your social media accounts, such as texting on Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger. However, they should have some guidelines when making video calls.

The main benefit of being available through social media is the ability of your communication operators to perform their work using tablets or smartphones. In turn, you will meet your customers within the shortest time possible, save time, and grow your revenues.

5. Phone calls and text messages

Modern business owners should not underestimate the strength of inbound and possibly outbound calls.

However, you must provide your customers with a number they can use to reach you, more so the domestic customers. This makes them feel more comfortable, thus raising their trust.

For good quality calls, you can check out the Voice API feature.

On the contrary, using outbound calls for communication with your customers might be an ideal solution. But, you should not mix this plan with cold calling, because your brand may get a bad name from cold calling. Rather than calling random people for the provision of your products and services, call registered customers for the provision of something unique and valuable. Making calls to your registered customers makes them know your business is caring, and you are not spamming them.

Further, when contacting just registered users, you can send special offers using an SMS API or Chat API service. Also, it is possible to leverage SMS reminders to remind your customers of upcoming appointments. This is a unique way of engaging them instantly, as well as driving conversions.

Nonetheless, they should not be used too often, as they can annoy your customers, forcing them to leave. Thus, use them when necessary.


All rounded intensive communication is essential if you want to make your relationship with your customers powerful. But, you should not overdo this using letters, calls, and messages with commercial offers. If all your always sound to be selling, customers will feel you do not care about their needs. So, to empower your brand and increase your revenues, follow the above-mentioned tips.