A Beginner's Guide to Missed Call Marketing

The missed call marketing campaigns resulted from a challenge that most people experienced. And that was affordable handsets but high talk rates.
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During that time, missed calls were a means of communication. Some years ago, a missed call was an acceptable method to pass pre-agreed things. For example, I am going to sleep, I have reached home, or it is time to wake up. Missed calls have a sophisticated code that only the other person knows. Also, Missed Call Marketing campaigns help in getting better ROI.

Later, missed calls, an acceptable communication method, became a means for people interacting with brands. In fact, missed calls are a creative method for brands to understand their target market.

Here are the ways in which brands can utilize Missed Call Marketing in their business:

1. Drive app downloads

Missed calls are among the best ways to make people download an app. For offline advertisements, consider your call to action as giving a missed call to a specific number to download your app. After a user gives a missed call to that number, they get an SMS that has a download link for the app. This eliminates the additional steps that a user need to undertake. For example, searching for the appropriate app.

2. Provide information updates

Among the easiest methods to provide updates to your customers is missed call marketing campaigns. Indeed, a missed call to a virtual number in India comes along with an SMS notification with all requested information.

For example in banking, missed call services are the best for finding out details such as your account summary, or balance. The E-commerce sector is also using missed call marketing. Most E-commerce companies own missed call numbers, which enable their customers to know the status of their delivery.

3. Get customer feedback

It is always good to receive feedback from your customers. The easiest way to get feedback from customers is the use of missed call marketing campaigns.

The best platform in this is Practo. Whenever you book an appointment with a doctor through this platform, you get an SMS to collect feedback. If you make a missed call to the number offered, they record it like your feedback for that doctor.


For example, Hi Jane thanks for booking your appointment. Please give a missed call to +91……..to record your feedback.

4. Customer validation

The most common method for validating customers is the use of OTP. However, a better alternative to that is missed call notification. For example, Hi Ray, please give a missed call to +91……to confirm your number.

A customer must give a missed call to a certain number to validate their phone numbers when they sign up or try login to a certain account. This is an essential security step because the customer cannot access the service is their phone is incorrect.

5. Engagement and voting

One of the best ways to create a non-intrusive engagement with your customers is the use of missed call marketing campaigns. TV and Radio shows are the best in using this method.

Many shows use missed call as a voting mechanism to create engagement in a manner that is non-intrusive.

6. Subscribing/Unsubscribing a list

Always ensure that you do not spam your customers. If you are not sure on the type of updates a customer want, ask them to subscribe or unsubscribe in your promotion campaign list through missed calls.

7. Lead generation

Indeed, lead generation is among the most vital ways for a brand to utilize missed call marketing campaigns. Most companies have developed their whole business model through a simple missed call.

Actually, missed call marketing campaign works well where people lack access to the internet or other means of communication. The primary means for them to reach to other people is a simple mobile phone.

For example:

Babajob: a platform that connects people to their qualified jobs, whether they are off the internet or online. Most of these jobs are informal like drivers, cooks, and others that you can find through the word of mouth.

The call to action of this website to job seekers is simple and direct. Give us a missed to find a suitable job. If a job seeker gives them a missed call, they make an automated IVR call to know their skills. After sometime, they will then call when they get a relevant job opportunity.


The best thing with missed call marketing campaign is that they are affordable and use simple technology. Furthermore, missed calls are not limited to the size or type of company. Missed call marketing is effective for both small and big companies. You can use any of the above ways in your business.

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