Remote-advisor models are gaining widespread attention. Reason being, private and public-sector organizations, seek to complement, replace, scale, or extend the reach of knowledge workers and subject matter experts.

There is an increase in innovative technology. People also prefer to have access to expert advice and information from anywhere, be it in their comfort of homes or their office.

Over the past 15 years, a majority of consumers and constituents have adopted a myriad of ways to find information online, which includes company financials, product and service evaluations, and price comparisons. Customer Satisfaction requires that experts provide cutting-edge knowledge and availability at a moment’s notice.

Thus, the customer’s expectations have increased. Organizations are struggling to provide a differentiated experience while meeting the growing expectations of a customer base. The customer base prefers to enjoy unparalleled access to detailed information on products and services.

It is becoming increasingly viable for companies to offer richer interactions with remote, online specialists.

Benefits of Remote Advisor Solutions:

  • Reduced customer leakage and improved peak-load management.
  • Better sales-closure rates, up-selling, and cross-selling.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention, with better service
  • Increased reach of scarce talent.
  • Decreased labor costs resulting from better utilization of experts.

Yuwee Helps Deliver Remote Expert Advising Services

Yuwee helps Remote Advisors by offering customers and constituents access to remote expertise. The private and public sector organizations can increase their relevance and convenience along with improving service levels and public perception. In addition, they can drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Similarly, they can enhance customer lifetime value.

Above all, it can help improve customer engagement outcomes. Yuwee helps you to increase your speed of responsiveness for your customer’s query. Customer relationship value is enhanced. There is improved customer relevance. There is greater geographic and market segment coverage. Happier customers are more loyal to your brand and the key to more profitable outcomes.

Video adoption is spreading rapidly. Thanks to significant improvements in video availability, quality, and performance. The Consumers’ attitude toward video is rapidly changing. Therefore, the effectiveness of “video selling” is also growing. In conclusion, Yuwee helps you to have a richer video calling experience with lesser associated capabilities costs.

Yuwee enables you to connect a financial advisor with a home investor by Yuwee’s high-quality voice and video calling. Therefore, the required expert advice can be shared with the investor. Above all, it becomes easier for a product selling company to connect with its customers. Moreover, it gives them detailed information and valuable instructions over a high-quality video or voice call. And there are many more cases, where Yuwee helps you to provide Voice, Video and Expert Assist Sessions.

Yuwee provides HD video calling experience with crystal clear voice quality and offers a User-Friendly interface. In addition, Yuwee provides cross-platform support. The Yuwee SDK is currently available for iOS, Android and Javascript platforms.