The advantage of SMS Reminders

It only takes a simple SMS reminder to enhance vaccination coverage, as well as reduced rates to prevent childhood infections in India. The research by Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Indian non-profit child health organization proved this power of SMS reminders.

Unless you have set some reminders, you can easily forget the little things you had planned throughout the week in your planner. Further, message reminders may leverage with ease like a cost and time-saving tool for business owners and end-users.

What are SMS Reminders?

Any reminder message that gets sent to a customer or client through SMS like the communication medium is an SMS reminder. Businesses use SMS reminders to make sure their customers remember existing appointments or those they should plan in the coming future. Also, this makes sure the number of missed slots is less. As a result, they allow businesses to continue with their activities without getting affected by appointments loss.

For example, in a dental clinic, the patients make all appointments a week before. Thus, if one of them misses the appointment results to the slot is vacant, besides this, the dentist cannot request another patient to take that specific slot, because it may inconvenience them. As a result, there will be a loss of some business for the day, or worse, making the brand look poor.

Automated reminder message system soles such a common problem with ease. Furthermore, a business may send a reminder message within a short time to its customers on an upcoming appointment, planned events, or customized messages according to previous communications.

Types of message reminders

  • Event Reminders

You can promote all upcoming events at your enterprise by sending a reminder SMS. This might be a customer event which you are hosting, launching new products, or services which are essential to your customers. Thus, a quick message reminds them and make an impression of caring about their needs.

  • Recurring Appointment Reminders

Similar to a monthly subscription, you can set recurring appointments with your customers. Through appointment reminders, you are sure that appointments might not be missed. Less missed appointments show increased loyalty for your brand.

  • Follow-up Reminders

Further, you can use SMS reminders for following up with your customers after making an appointment, as well as asking for their feedback. Also, you should do this within 24 hours of the customers’ visits, to make sure you receive first-hand reviews from your customers, hence making improving your business.

  • Planning Appointments

If a customer had a session with your business, do not just make a schedule of their following appointment. Instead, use SMS reminders to follow up on the appointment. Through widespread text messaging use, your customers will appreciate giving them an easier option.

  • Upcoming Appointment Reminders

Unless we put everything in a planner, we might forget the next appointment due to our busy daily activities. Also, an appointment should be booked a week earlier, depending on the convenience of the customer. So, a reminder message makes sure the customers remember everything that matters to them, increase the loyalty of your brand, and save your time and money.

Benefits of text message reminders

  • Saves costs

Although the benefits of utilizing a reminder system is different in every business based on their industry, here are some common benefits:

  • Outstanding customer encounter

Apart from ensuring sales for your business, a reminder message also creates an exceptional customer encounter.

You can use message reminders to allow customers to trace their order or the status of any application. Because text messages are cheaper compared to outbound calls and emails, they assist businesses in saving costs.

By providing the customer requirements are achieved on time, and available on a mobile phone, reminder message function like a communication bridge for customers and businesses.

  • Minimizes defaulters

Through sending SMS reminders to your customers to make payments, you minimize bad debts in your industry. Also, this assists in reminding customers about their debts, as well as saving them the extra cost they may incur from delays.

  • Minimizes no-shows

Any missed appointment translates to lost revenue. So, to schedule your time and provide better resources, ensure you leverage a reminder system for communicating with your customers. Without any doubt, you will see fewer people missing your event or appointment after sending out reminder messages.

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Why should businesses utilize SMS reminders?

Businesses are now capable of staying in touch with their customers due to the increased usage of mobile phones. Indeed, recent research has proved that checking the phone is the first thing which people do when they wake up.

However, even with the increase of mobile, text message is the medium that beats even Facebook when it comes to the most utilized data service. Almost 100% of text messages get opened in the first three minutes when received. On the other hand, nearly two-thirds of received emails are never opened.

For this reason, there is an increase in use for SMS reminders by businesses for staying in touch with their customers, for enhanced brand loyalty.

Final Thought

Reminder messages are a good means of interacting with your customers while saving time and money for your business. Also, apart from automated messages helping you to keep in touch with your customers, they act as a section of your SMS marketing campaigns for increased conversions.

Finally, messaging solutions services lets you to get done more easily and within a short time because they are scalable and cost-effective.