Things You Must Know Regarding VoLTE and VoWiFi

There was need in EU which subjected all mobile operators in EU to implement mobile roaming surcharges to all subscribers roaming in EU nations. This “Roam Like at Home” policy resulted to a wave of IMS establishment that covered VoLTE and VoWiFi.

The convention for higher wireless communication speeds for both data terminals and mobile devices is known as Voice over long term evaluation (VoLTE). Generally, Voice over LTE are voice calls on 4G LTE, rather than 2G and 3G connections. Currently, the technology that is in use in terms of web browsing, video downloading, and streaming is 4G. However, this tech can also be applied in enhancing calls.

Initially, voice was functioning on circuit switched network. However, that is not possible because CS network moved to LTE. The solution to this is that when a voice call gets received/ started, the device might get back to 2G/3G.  A situation known as CS fallback(CSFB). The CSFB has a major disadvantage of the CS main network having to be maintained live, as well as 2G/3G because of dependency. In turn, VoLTE was defined to solve this problem.

An extra IMS network gets utilized by VoLTE. Looking from LTE network, voice and its connected signals resembles any data, although they have a higher priority. This data gets received by the IMS network which then manages the signal and traffic for the voice.

LTE is a data only network. As a result, networks noted they can utilize WiFi as an access network in a similar method. So, VoWiFi, utilizes WiFi for access only, and PS network for assuring the quality of service.

5 things you must know regarding VoLTE

i) Voice and data calls get managed simultaneously

Do you remember the old days when you would call a friend and play some movie yet remain on the call? The T-Mobile users were capable of doing this for long. But, subscribers of for instance, Verizon and Sprint could only do one task at a time. Today, Verizon has a VoLTE that lets you to multitask but Sprint is yet to do so.

(ii) Longer Battery Life

If you are using 4G at the moment, you might have realized VoLTE has increase your battery life. This is because without VoLTE, your phone switches from 4G to 3G or 2G when you make or receive a call, as 4G calls do not get supported. It then switches back after the call is done. This switching and searching of different signal every time drains your battery.

(iii) VoLTE is not Supported by All Phones

You should always remember that although many devices support VoLTE, some do no not. Devices from mobile giants, such as Huawei, iPhone, and Samsung support VoLTE. Further, VoLTE tech has been adopted globally by many MNO’s, but not all locations are covered. However, this technology will be available in all areas with time.

(iv) There is no Enhancement in Voice Charges

Because HD calls utilizes data network, most people have a misconception that data allotment will get affected by the voice minutes. However, this is not the case. In fact, networks are capable of determining voice packets. Also, they do not force them in the data application.

(v) Enhanced Quality Voice Calls

VoLTE supports high definition voice calls. Although you cannot gauge the quality of a call, VoLTE calls have improved more than traditional calls that were made through cellular networks. But, you should use a device supporting VoLTE to make HD voice call. Also, you should be in a location covered by 4G LTE services.

5 Things You Must Known Regarding VoWiFi

(i) The service is universal

This service is not specific to a certain operator. Instead, it can be used by any person with a device supporting VoWiFi, and has access to Wi-Fi network.

(ii) Cost Effective

Sometimes back, a good means of losing your money/credit was to make a call as you roam. But, you can now save a lot of money as you talk to your loved ones through VoWiFi. You can make and receive calls from roaming areas and overseas free of charge.

(iii) No Indoor Coverage Issues

In most cases, there is poor cellular reception in offices and homes. As a result, users of such networks get frustrated when in need of making a call. The worst of it all is bad indoor coverage. However, this problem is now solved with VoWiFi. It enables users to make and receive calls without issues while indoors. Indeed, you do not need upgrade your smartphone. Or, get a new equipment.

(iv) The Quality of Sound is Better

VoWiFi ensures the quality of your calls sound is better. So, your user experience will be the best. Thus, all users get to enjoy good conversations. If you own a business, quality call will not only save time for your employees, but also improve their productivity.

(v) VoWiFi Calls are Possible with Non-Cellular Device

Non-subscriber devices, such as Wi-Fi tablets are capable of making calls with VoWiFi along with free overseas calls. Also, it is inexpensive for operators to add services in buildings if macro networks are not penetrating well.


The outcomes of both VoLTE and VoWiFi is an overall good customer encounter for both consumers and businesses. As a result, they are attracting new customers all over the world. Apart from being easier to deploy, they are cost-effective, and adaptable.

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