Tips To Enhance Call Pickup Rates

By the end of 2019, the number of mobile phone users all over the world is expected to go past five billion. However, the number of users who uses their phone to receive or make a call is minimal. According to 2015 data, 75% of human population own a smartphone, but a quarter of the owners do not use to make calls. Due to this, the call pickup rates have reduced. But, this article will give you valuable tips to enhance your call pickup rates.

Nowadays, mobile phone data is affordable to all smartphones. Therefore, the usage of channels such as WhatsApp has increased as a way of contacting another person. Besides that, the number of complaints on spam calls has grown, making it difficult to contact someone on the phone, as they are selective on calls to answer. The younger generation sees a call as a disruption of their productivity. So, its upon businesses to ensure its worth their time. Thus, enhancing their call pickup rates is essential to them.

Remember, conversations result in conversions.

Here are some tips to enhance your call pickup rates:

1. Call At Acceptable Times Of The Day

Although you want to reach as many possible customers as possible, ensure you are not damaging the name of your brand. To do so, you should avoid to make any call before 8 AM, and after 8 PM. According to the results of various studies, the best time for calling is between 11 AM to 12 PM, and 4 PM to 5 PM. At the 11-12 window, people have already checked in at their workplace, started their duties and are winding up to go for lunch.


Likewise, people are ending up their work for the day at the 4-5PM window. The chances are that they will not take up any task that needs serious concentration at this window. So, it is the best time to make a call.

2. Many-channel contact method

Unlike the old days when you would give up after trying to reach someone after two tries, the present world works differently.

Using a powerful caller ID or calling at the right time is less critical than call pick-up success. But, it needs many channels touchpoints. The many-mediums encounter is a method that offers a consistent and complementary encounter for the customers.

Nowadays, the buyer’s process is digitally performed. So, using a CRM software for the integration of customer data from website visits should be your initial step. To know the behavior of your customers, take time and study the patterns.

Second, start a multi-medium marketing plan. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, and others. Moreover, ensure the customer experience on all channels is the same. For instance, if you are trying to reach someone, send them an email and LinkedIn message that has the time you will call them, before calling them. In turn, increase call pick-up rate and better brand recall.

Improve your business communication with an effective communication platform.

3. Influential And Local Caller-ID Method

Most people believe that telemarketers sit in an office and make cold calls in a fiercely to each person they get in the phone directory. But, nobody is ready to answer a call which pops from a number does not match their area/country code.

So, a caller ID is essential, as researches indicate that people are more likely to answer calls from a local number than a foreign number. After all, there are many platforms where you can get a powerful caller ID, with cloud telephony being the easiest and most dependable. It is possible to set your caller ID matching the contact’s location. In turn, you will increase the likelihood of your call getting answered.

If a possible client fails to answer your call the first time, use the leverage number rotation feature to increase the chances next time. In short, this cloud telephony feature enables you to make calls from a different number every time, hence raising your probability of call pickup.

4. Call Automation

Anyone who argues that reaching a large group of people within a 2-hour window is impossible is right. But, the call automation comes in here.

Remember, the whole world is shifting towards AI. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you see people responding well to a robot that is talking on the phone. The secret is simple. Create a positive impression within the first 5 seconds, and people will find it difficult to hang up your calls without listening to the whole message. Whether it is from a real or automated voice, attitude is everything. Furthermore, it is possible to perform the trick using a reliable text-to-speech tool.

Well, making people pick up your phone call is one thing, while making their time worth so that they can pick up your call every other time is something else.

Tips for engaging customers to enhance call pickup rates

Rivet Their Attention

Ensure your message is relevant and straightforward. Keep in mind that the whole world is shifting towards short-form-content such as 1 seconds ads, GIFs, and 5-second videos. Thus, avoid verbose in your phone call. Within 20 seconds, make a successful introduction about yourself, company, and pitch the business idea. Beyond that, the possible customer might hang up.

Ask Questions

Before pitching, know the customer’s problems, and collect more information as possible. As a result, you will be able to customize your pitch, save more time, and avoid irrelevance.

Naturally, human has some ego. So, know how to handle the ego and make this whole thing about them through questions on their complaints. Ensure you are ready with possible questions and answers, as well as data.

Shape The Call Encounter Using Contextual Signals

The first step to making potential customers pick up your phone call is essential. But, making them hang-up or continue listening to your phone call get determined by what you say.

To know what the customer is interested in, use online contextual signs, such as the landing pages and keywords they searched for. Apart from using this data to upsell existing customers, you can use it to win new customers through customized experience.

Final Thought

What next after the customers have picked your calls and promised to call back once they make their decisions? Avoid calling them now and then to know their choice. Indeed, it is tough to wait, but the customers will remember your business because if your etiquette. Also, it is good to know a thin line separates annoyance and persistence.

The approach you use in calls is essential to win and retain customers. Once the customers pick your calls, use that chance well instead of abusing it.

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