Top 10 Best Business Apps for Internal Communication

Communication is essential for all businesses. For you to achieve your organizational objectives quickly and successfully, everyone involved should be able to talk with each other. Unlike before, communication is now more compelling and instant with the help of the internet, specifically by the increase in mobile devices.

Web and Smartphones apps can strengthen your company’s internal communication. As a result, it assists you to smooth run your attempts to enhance expertise and capacity. This article will guide you about the Best Business Apps for Internal Communication.

Adaptable Choices for Communication

There are many programs for business communications which are beneficial for organizations. Instead of depending upon company’s intranet, they can use these programs. You can use the different available apps for email-style message threads, instant messaging, phone call, or sending notifications through SMS texts. Businesses can smooth-run and improve their internal communications for increased output and satisfactory team unity by totally utilizing not less than one of the available app.

10 Best Business Apps for Internal Communication

Here are the 10 best business communication apps that are available for use in desktop computers and mobile devices. Besides that, these apps offer a reliable and flexible means for effective communication among employees.

These apps are:

1. RedBooth


RedBooth is a work tracing app. However, this app comes with a built-in chat software that allows team members to communicate instantly. So, workers can effectively communicate using the same window like an assigned task, thus aiding in keeping the chat aligned with the output.

2. Azendoo


Azendoo is an application designed for communication and tracing an assigned task. Also, this app is beneficial to the design and marketing team & specially made with marketing agencies in mind. This is because its chat feature resembles Facebook’s messenger.

3. Skype


Among the most broadly utilized apps for business, communications are Skype. Besides this, Skype is a video, voice, and text chat application that is available for use on mobile and desktop, making it a good means for teams to keep in touch. Furthermore, this application provides an instant messaging service that allows staff to connect with each other whenever they want, hence eliminating waiting time for crucial information and answers. Still, Skype is familiar with most people including our team, and it has an easier to use file sharing feature.

4. Slack


Slack has recently risen to be among the most famous project management and participation tools for companies whose employees work remotely. In fact, Slack is a cloud-based team communication application.

Although initiated in 2013, its presence among the most marketable methods for internal teams to unite. Besides that, Slack has chat rooms arranged by private groups, topics and direct messaging. Also, it allows complete search for members, groups, and files, thus making it easier to locate past conversations. Finally, this app is available for use on the web, Windows, Android, and iOS phones.

5. FlowDock

flow dock

FlowDock is not only an internal communication tool but also a project management tool. So, this app is an alternative for tools that combines the two. Additionally, it has a flexible chat feature that lets many flows of conversation to take place. Also, its feature has mobile and desktop notifications.

6. Basecamp


Basecamp crosses the gap that exists between clients and staff. Also, this application made it easier for people in various departments in a company to share files, as well as participating in projects. Moreover, Basecamp offers an effective and smooth solution for managing various internal communication and participation requirements, as it combines client relations, project management, and internal communications.

In addition, its discussion boards combine debate on a particular topic in one place, thus abolishing the need for complicated, and hard-to-go about email chains. Besides this, it controls chores and to-do lists on behalf of staff members.

7. Wrike


Although Wrike is basically a project management app, it features some built-in communication tools. Also, it allows members to message each other via the chore pages and activity stream for easier communication regarding projects.

8. HipChat


HipChat is among the most fashionable team communication applications. Also, it can be accessed all over the world via the web or mobile. Furthermore, it is available in both free and paid versions, although the premium version has more features. Besides that, its design allows integration with Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, and other marketable software. Finally, HipChat is an affordable and flexible choice for small enterprises.

9. DialMyCalls

Dial my calls

Sending out mass notifications either through SMS text message or phone call is easier with this app. Also, this app is used by most businesses to send out essential notifications to their staff about approaching dates, meetings, or upcoming events. In addition, it is beneficial in contacting employees to attend shifts on behalf of someone else who is either absent due to a personal emergency or feeling unwell.

Moreover, DialMyCalls can be utilized in starting an incoming grievance line, as well as assisting the company to contain bullying, dysfunctional management, and harassment in the workplace. Basically, this app functions as a virtual suggestion box for employees to place their grievances anonymously. As a result, it helps enterprises to have a helpful review on the causes of worker’s dissatisfaction, as well as implementing initiatives that will enhance the culture of the organization.

10. Yuwee


Yuwee is a simple & affordable communication app which can be used by organizations. It is also customizable and provides High-quality Voice and Video calls. It helps your staff to be connected with one another. Yuwee delivers scalable communication solutions. Moreover, Yuwee provides seamless interoperability and functions smoothly across various platforms like web, mobile, and desktop. Yuwee is also an android conference calling app & you can make high-quality free conference calls with it. With Yuwee, make your phone calls online now.

Final Thought

The growth of mobile and internet communications has made it easier for enterprises to start functional plans for swift and improved internal communications. All the above apps enable staffs to have instant communication, thus smooth-running workflows and enhancing the general effectiveness.