Collaboration with universities: Students & Professors


Why is there a need of change in this sector

  • The restrictive environment of universities and the capability to have limited stock of literature
  • The number of options being limited for choosing within a university for course selection, books and other material
  • Professor and students’ have limited mediums to contact with each other.

Solution to the problem

At Yuwee, we pledge to take up issues of our day to day life and simplify them and provide solutions which are easy, rapid and efficient. We ensure that in the field of university where students and teachers are the most essential members and they need to stay connected.

We ensure that:-

  • Regular interaction is maintained between students and teachers with the help of call, video and instant messaging features.
  • They help students creating long-term professional and mentorship relationships.
  • With the help of quick revision sessions in small intervals ensures that, students retain more of what they are learning and improve their interpersonal skills.
  • Blended online Learning (BOL) is what involves collaborative education across multiple university setting.
  • We emphasise on the fact that scrutiny, debate and sharing experience remains the top-most priority in our SDKs and APIs for collaborative steps.

How do we take the aid of technology?

It is indeed an achievement that we have been able to synchronize with Google Docs, Trello and many other similar applications which help teachers to have better and solid tutoring lecture series and be much more interactive with students.
It provides the teachers with an opportunity to interact with students via email, texts, sharing documents, calls, video conferencing, edit their worksheets and all this will be done under one roof of Yuwee!

Trust+ Empathy

Is what teachers want to develop with students and this is what we as a service provider ensure that we are able to give to our shareholders. When teachers feel supported and active, they are able to extend their services to the students in a much calmer manner.

Teacher collaborations can help programs achieve institutional, program, and curricular goals by making teachers better aware of best practices and practices that are best-suited for a particular context.

How does collaborative measures help students?

When a teacher is better able to connect with students then:-

  • Better usage of programmes can be made, curriculum goals can be met, transportation time can be saved, institutions can be made more productive.
  • Fostering higher achievement Leading for greater retention/persistence.
  • Improving interpersonal skills which will increase regard for positive interdependence.
  • Contributing toward group goals increases students’ commitment to said goals.
  • It helps the teacher to overcome a sense of one-way traffic and isolation by facilitating mutual encouragement and support.
  • Provides a positive sense of collegiality and community in higher education is essential in meeting the needs of diverse as well as changing student populations.
  • It helps in fostering effective practises for classroom.

How does international collaboration with other universities via Yuwee help you!

  1. International
  2. Partnerships
  • Domestic Students:  Provides an opportunity to travel abroad and interact via online sessions
  • Help Universities:  Help them understand the marketing system of other nations by knowing the culture of other countries

Need of Yuwee in today’s evolving world

Yuwee ensures that you meet endless number of students and teachers online and even when you are in closed university, the interaction remains on the priority. Yuwee will ensure that features like voice, video and instant messaging can be utilized to the maximum an help you as a student/teacher/university or institute. The world is expanding, social media is taking the front seat for everything and anything, virtual world is becoming stronger, then why should education lag behind? We at Yuwee ensure that your offline education system reaches the zenith with our APIs and SDKs. We ensure that the best reaches your targeted audience with the help of our tools.

In order to stay competitive and have a cutting edge over others, usage of modern technology, evidence-based technology poor promoting satisfaction in their courses & promote learning within students.

Blended Online learning (BOL)

is one of the emerging teaching methods which involves education methods across multiple university setting collaboration. Yuwee ensures that we provide the best possible measures in order to present you all the desired tools for BOL.

Hope you make full use of Yuwee for your educational endeavour and succeed with it!

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