Logistic Problem

Communication within logistics was not cost-effective nor a pleasant experience

Communication within daily logistics minimally involves three parties who have stakes in the service. They are the sender, the recipient, and the driver (or the logistics company). Be it in distribution of supplies or finished goods, consistent issues always happen.

  • In particularly e-commerce and marketplace, it mostly affects last-mile delivery, such as when someone orders a product online and gets it delivered to his/her home
  • In business use cases, supply chain and procurement see the most impact, such as in transporting raw materials for processing and final products for distribution

Recipients has limited access to information

Recipients usually receive an SMS alert when the delivery is reaching soon, yet there is no feedback mechanism from them to share some relevant and important information, e.g. that the recipient is not around, and hoping the delivery to be placed inside a cabinet near the shoe rack.

  • All incoming information is usually in a form of an automated SMS, with no feedback loop.
  • Above all, there is no way for the recipient to get an accurate tracking of the order. In some cases, the recipient needs to reach out to the sender to get the order tracking information

Sender becomes the bottleneck

It’s quite convenient that in most e-commerce use cases, the recipient is already given a feature to track the location of their order — at least on which port the order is currently located. However, in most business use cases, the recipient is not equipped with any tool or feature to track the order’s whereabout.

  • Most recipient would request the sender to check on the location, which is not so time-efficient for the sender to keep answering to such request
  • Location tracking is not updated in real-time, and it is still not common to know the accurate location of the driver — it’s especially important for the recipient in last mile delivery to know how far away the package is before reaching his/her house.

Yuwee makes communications within logistic operations. Get it for yourself!

Yuwee puts all three parties in one platform where they can efficiently communicate with each other, as well as allowing control on who should be receiving the message from each party. This is going to largely disrupt not just communication, but also improve operations on the ground.

Keep everyone updated at ease

As Yuwee puts the sender, the recipient, and the delivery team in the same loop, every updates can easily be sent across to all relevant parties. For example, when there is a delay due to a traffic accident, both the delivery team can inform both the sender and the recipient at one go -forget that old process where the delivery team needs to inform the sender and the sender passes the information across to the recipient.

Plug it, and play it

Integrate Yuwee with any platform, such as marketplaces or ordering portals, and enjoy its rich communication through any devices. You can chat and have a conference call within the Yuwee-powered platform via mobile devices as well as desktops.


You’ll only need an email address for all kind of communication

Yuwee is the world’s first unified communication platform that uses emails as endpoints for all methods of communication. You are not anymore dependent on your local telecommunication infrastructure, nor worrying about having to give out your phone number!

Wondering why people choose Yuwee? Here’s why.

Yuwee goes beyond improving communication and collaboration, but also efficiency and productivity — taking away redundancy and bottle-necks.

Independent of geography barrier

While delivering orders across nation is common, facilitating international communication is often difficult and costly, with not so pleasant experiences. Since Yuwee is using email address, and not mobile cell number, you don’t have to encounter such hassle anymore!

Better communication with Yuwee

With Yuwee, file sharing is as simple as a click of a button. In logistics, driver or recipient can simply share location with each other for smoother delivery — or even share photos to let each other know where to put or find the delivered package.

Privacy and Security

Yuwee ensure that the communication between the sender, the recipient, and the delivery team is private and secured using end-to-end encryption. No worries about leaked data, customer address, or order information anymore!

API, Bots, & Integration

Yuwee ensure that the communication between the sender, the recipient, and the delivery team is private and secured using end-to-end encryption. No worries about leaked data, customer address, or order information anymore!

Here at Yuwee, we empower communication and collaboration

Yuwee is dedicated to provide you with superior experience as you communicate and collaborate with your team, so that you can reach higher productivity. We are making enterprise communication and collaboration easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied from our services. For any enquiries, reach us at support@yuwee.com

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