Customer-Vendor communication is too limited in many marketplace and e-commerce scenes

We often overlooked the importance of customer-vendor communication when we could easily find what we were looking for, or when everything went our way. However, that’s not always the case.

There are times when the customers and the vendors need to communicate with each other so that the transaction goes smoothly. It could be when the customers wish to make sure of the quality of the product, or when both customers and vendors need to settle on the pick up location.

Most chat feature is too basic

We have seen many chat features within marketplaces and e-commerce platform, but these are still far from what is required.

  • Photos and videos share are not supported by most platforms
  • Even when you really need to talk via a call, you would need to give up your phone number /other communication platforms
  1. You might then be concerned with the privacy issue
  2. You will also incur cost as you talk via your mobile cell service

A push to keep all communication within the app

In many cases, customer-vendor communication is limited to just via the app. Exchange of phone numbers is often not allowed nor recommended. It is understandable that they wish to have access to all customer-vendor conversation, in an effort to limit potential breach and fraud.

In fact, the middle ground can be made desirable.

  • If we improve the in-app communication experience, neither customers nor vendors would need other methods of communication — by adding the necessary features, such as call and enhanced file sharing capabilities.

Enhancing Customer-Vendor In-App 
Communication Experience 

Yuwee is introducing more features to marketplaces and e-commerce platform that would significantly improve customer-vendor in-app communication experience

Augment in-app chat features

Yuwee makes customer-vendor communication much more convenient and easier for each party to achieve their goal.

  • For e-commerce, the customer can easily reach out to the vendor for any product inquiries, update or change request, as well as to settle on product pick-up.
  • For marketplaces and peer-to-peer platforms, users can conveniently share rich media files via the in-app chat features, such as image, video, and even pdf files.

Stay within the app

If all those cool features from Yuwee, there is no more reason to bring the communication out of the app, which is also in compliance with the rules for most marketplaces platform
  • Don’t worry about potential privacy breach anymore — no contact details need to be exchanged.
  • You don’t have to spend much on your mobile cellular service on this matter anymore

Wondering what makes Yuwee excellent for marketplaces and e-commerce platforms? Here you go.

Yuwee is the world’s first cloud-based, a unified communications platform that uses email as the endpoints of all kind of communication. Unifying communication also means combining all great features into one

In-app chat feature (Chat API)

Yuwee see limitations within many in-app chat features. Yuwee comes with an API that platforms, such as e-commerce and marketplaces, can easily integrate with their system — allowing their users to enjoy the benefits that Yuwee can introduce to their platforms for better customer experience, such as better communication and file sharing capabilities.

In-app call feature (Audio API)

Yuwee understands that sometimes real-time communication, like call, is both convenient and effective. While it’s not preferable to conduct customer-vendor communication outside of the platform, Yuwee adds in a call feature using its very own Audio API that can easily be integrated with the marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

In-app video feature (Video API)

Beyond chat and audio call, Yuwee also has a video API that enables the users to have a video call within the marketplaces or e-commerce platforms if they wish to. Such real-time video call feature can be handy at times, especially when the product being transacted is of high value, that you need to build a better trust with each other through a video call.

Here at Yuwee, we help both customers and vendors to communicate with each other with much convenience!

Yuwee is dedicated to providing the technology that e-commerce and marketplaces need and are able to implement quickly and easily. It’s time that we transform customer-vendor communication with Yuwee, for higher productivity and better customer satisfaction.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied with our services. For any inquiries, reach us at support@yuwee.com

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