Online community collaboration is still flawed

Collaboration feature has become more prominent today, and has seen the highest demand so far. Almost every platform allows multiple users to collaborate and utilize the platform together in a real-time.

However, this collaboration feature is not mature yet.

  • Collaborators have no way to communicate with each other within the platform itself. They still have to switch to other communication platform to talk to each other.
  • Separated communication may result in lost of context, requiring the collaborators to take screenshots or photos to build up the context or for reference

Yuwee enhances online collaborations through facilitating communication

It’s not ideal to keep switching apps as you work. Don’t waste your time building up context, taking screenshots, or writing up the references. It cost you your productivity and efficiency.

Adding rich communication feature to the platform

Integrate Yuwee with any platforms and systems to allow communications among the collaborators without having to switch tool. Collaborators can communicate via chat, audio or video call without having to leave the platform and switch app/device.

Contextual communication for higher productivity

Chat right on the subject of discussion to keep the context of the conversation. Take it like Google Docs’ commenting feature, but more advanced and seamless.

Boosting productivity and work efficiency

No need to switch apps. With more context to the conversation, easier to follow up and easy to cross check with. Easily find and communicate with those collaborating with you.


Yuwee is still best at facilitating collaboration. You know why.

Despite its extensive capabilities, Yuwee is a plug-and-play platform that can easily be implemented on any platforms and executable via any devices — making it not just user friendly, but also developer friendly.

Seamless communication with excellent user experience

Yuwee is the world’s first unified-communication platform that uses email as endpoints for all communication. Every account is already tagged to an email address, and that’s enough to facilitate communications with Yuwee. You don’t need to search for mobile number or email address to connect anymore.

Powerful API for more things done with less effort

Yuwee chat, audio, and video API perform beyond allowing communication, but also making communication more effective with its file sharing and virtual meeting room features.

Privacy and Security

Yuwee ensure your privacy and security using end-to-end encryption. No worries about data theft, eavesdrops, and other privacy breaches anymore!

Nothing supports collaboration like Yuwee does

Yuwee is dedicated to provide you with superior experience as you communicate and collaborate with your team, so that you can reach higher productivity. We are making communication and collaboration easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied from our services. For any enquiries, reach us at

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