Ride Hailing Applications

Today, calling a cab has become more like a day-to-day task and people are choosing them over personal vehicles in various countries. New and better variants of taxi services are coming into market as time passes by.

Riding Apps

A few years ago, Ride Sharing was just a concept which was far fetched reality for people at that time but quickly it has become a big profit- making business and a service which customers love to make full use of and stay relaxed and at peace of mind, while on road.

What benefit are we getting from these services?

  • Self-Driving- Less worry about our parking our own vehicles.
  • Stress Buster- No more stress about driving while you busy taking calls or doing a task.
  • No luck Game- Ensuring that we do not wait at awkward corners and hope a taxi passes by and charges us economically
  • Safety- you can be rest assured that the driver is verified and will take care that you reach home safely.
  • Industry- these application ensure that we are charged adequately and the yellow and black taxis can be bought under a check.

Why do they become headache at times?

While on the run, we have to face issues such as:-

  • Driver saying he is stuck in traffic, while he is free but not willing to take a ride.
  • You have paid for the ride have to talk to customer care for refund
  • You are not sure about the condition of the taxi.
  • Most of the drivers are still not aware about the usage of GPS, so it becomes difficult at times to tell them about the address or exact location
  • You have no knowledge about your co-passenger other than the name of the co-passenger (Especially required by women).
Phone Chat

Where does Yuwee come in?

Yuwee ensures that you have an experience which is different, unique, hassle-free, secure and full of quality. we at Yuwee will integrate you ride  sharing experience with our APIs and SDKs and make sure that the information gives to you is authentic and real time. Whether you are the vendor or the customer Yuwee will keep your business/ride safe and enjoyable.

We at Yuwee ensure:-

  • You are able to locate your driver when he is in the surroundings which are difficult to navigate
  • This ensures that you save time and the cab driver is also able to meet his daily targets by saving on time.
  • It allows you to make a video call and ensure the car is safe enough and the co-passengers are decent for your loved one to travel in the night time.
  • We give you the liberty to make a video call and show the location to the cab driver when is confused by the direction of GPS.
  • We provide you with the ability to be in touch with the cab driver just a click away without the need of searching network.
  • Yuwee ensures that the cab driver is not lying to you about being stuck in traffic and you wont have to talk to customer care for hours to ensure that they understand your case.
  • Being a vendor, you don’t have to worry about toll free calls which deal with issues such as refund, driver denied duty cases, GPS not working properly or not able to contact the customer.
  • This will also ensure that the entire process speeds up and the driver and the passenger are able to talk without any intervention and be quick about deciding at a meeting point.
  • A vendor will also have better connectivity with the help of Yuwee and cost cutting measures will ensure that profits amplify and escalate many folds.
  • Yuwee will be a positive step to ensure that cab drivers are more trustworthy and loyal towards their service and do not fool the customers on the pretext of your company name.

Yuwee is the way for future ahead!

In the end, we will say that Yuwee will help your business and for customers it will provide you with a better experience of ride hailing applications and save your time. We ate Yuwee, ensure that we make the world  a better place by being connected in every way possible and make connectivity our strongest ally with the ability to run our world with utter smoothness and maximum cost cutting measures.

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