Service Centre was too painful for both enterprises and customers

Remember when you need to call customer service centre to enquire on the flight tickets you bought online or from the designated app? Or another story, when you need can only request for a credit card fee waiver via a phone call, despite having the bank’s mobile app?

It was so painful for us as the customer, but apparently it’s no less painful for the business, too.

Customers hated it

The experience throughout the engagement with the customer service centre is not necessarily painful. However today, the implementation was still far from perfect.

  • It’s frustrating that the customers have to press so many buttons as per instructed in order to speak with the customer service officer.
  • It’s annoying that the follow up mechanism is not in place – some are still not implementing ticketing system. the customers need to repeatedly explain the issue whenever they call in.
  • There is no integration when the customers reach out via a call, and via other method like chat.

Not only on the UX side that it is lacking, having to call the customer service centre often cost the customers a considerable amount.

  • The longer we stay on the call, the more costly it becomes. And sometimes, the issue is not resolved within one call.
  • The customers incur significantly higher cost when the nearest customer service centre is outside the country.

Businesses had no better alternative

Business do not particularly love how they are operating customer service function. In fact, they have been investing a lot on customer service department, yet it’s still rather problematic.

  • Having 24/7 customer service centres cost a lot, as well as the training of the customer service officers.
  • Providing a toll-free call is to help the customer with the cost, but it’s indeed a considerable amount they have to bear.
  • There is no perfect mechanism for ticketing and follow up system yet. Being able to deploy the ticketing system is one thing, but sometimes the customers just forget the ticketing number  and this system becomes pointless.
  • Some business might have considered having a virtual office for the customer service team, so that they can operate off site. However, this idea raises some security and privacy concerns.

Yuwee improves support centre workflows, and consequently customer satisfaction. Try now!

Yuwee knows and is able to make every call a pleasant one with faster resolution time. It means, Yuwee improves customer experience and reduces cost incurred by both parties.

Businesses can upgrade their customer service function

Implementing Yuwee has augmented the customer service workflows in a number of different levels

  • Lower cost through implementations of virtual offices for customer service team.
  • Security and privacy are still ensured, despite off-site customer service team through dynamic links for each call.
  • Better follow-up and upsell mechanism, with access to contextual data, and with chat and video API for every customer.
Service Center

Customers can enjoy better support from the customer service teams

Having to engage with the customer service team would not be such a pain anymore. Improvement on business side has greatly enhanced the customer experience.

  • Engage with customer service officers directly via in-app chat and call features
  • As you call via the app, faster resolution time with contextual data, taking reference from previous conversation and personal details
  • Single platform for audio, video calls & chats

Wondering why Yuwee is leading on this space? Here’s why.

Keeping in mind the needs of businesses and their customers, Yuwee has been able to tackle core business issues.

  • First to allow in-app calls, using email address as endpoints
    Yuwee understands that customers dislike picking up their phone to call the customer service centre using their mobile number — it’s costly. Yuwee can integrate with any app so that the customers don’t have to leave the app. Using email address as endpoints means you don’t have to use your mobile number, and thus it wouldn’t cost you anything if you’re on WiFi!
  • Powered with contextual data
    All calls through Yuwee API can easily be traced back to the customer. It is useful as the customers don’t have to provide much information about themselves and this process itself can reduce a lot of time. Best of all, the customer service officers may refer to the previous conversation with this particular customer via Yuwee Chat API.
  • Guaranteed faster resolution time
    As with the easy access to previous conversation with the customer, the issues that customers report can be resolved in shorter time — and it is easier, faster, and more efficient than a ticketing system. The customer service officer doesn’t need to get the customer to explain the problem all over again.

Here at Yuwee, we help both customer service team help
their customers with less effort

Yuwee is dedicated to provide the technology that businesses need and are able to implement quickly and easily. It’s time that we transform customer service workflows with Yuwee, for higher productivity and better customer satisfaction.

We will keep you happy just like we keep our shareholders happy and satisfied from our services. For any enquiries, reach us at

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