How Companies Can Use Virtual Numbers to Improve their Customer Service

One of the major parts of creating a reliable customer relationship in all industries is effective and correct customer communication.
Virtual Numbers

The present customer experience is different from how it was some years back. It has been changing with time. There is an expectation that by 2021, customer experience will overtake both product experience and price as the key differentiator. In fact, there is a report showing that 86% of the users are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. .

Indeed, communication is an essential part of customer encounter. In this article, you will learn how you can use virtual numbers to improve the customer experience. .

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is simply a number without linkage to any physical phone line. You can trace and monitor the performance of all calls routed via virtual numbers. For example, most businesses utilize virtual numbers to route customer calls to appropriate agents based on the input of the customer over IVR.

How to Use Virtual Numbers to Improve Customer Experience

Here are some of the best ways to use virtual numbers:

1. Block Spam Calls

Most of the time, businesses outsource call center from third party agencies because of lack of resources. This assists them to manage their customer support effectively. However, this exposes the personal details of their customer at risk. For example, their phone number are at the risk of compromise.

block spam call

The use of a virtual number is the best possible solution to avoid this issue. Therefore, rather than sharing the real phone numbers, companies might share virtual numbers mapped on phone number of customers. These virtual numbers get unmapped once the transaction is over.

The User Virtual Number (UVN) technology can help you achieve this without difficulties. This technology gives powerful virtual numbers to the users throughout the engagement duration. Here is how this technology works:

  • Anytime a customer raises a question or service request, they get a powerful virtual number.
  • The agencies use the virtual number to contact the customer during their interaction duration.
  • Once the transaction is over, there is deallocation of this virtual number.

2. Get One Customer Care Number

A business with many numbers makes it difficult for the customers. For example, if you have a car dealership with many numbers, your customers need to go via many steps to spot the number of the nearest dealership. Besides that, this results to mismanagement and loss of your company’s information.

However, you can advertise one number for your dealerships with the help of one virtual number. Anytime your customers call this number, they get automatic routing and connection to the closest branch. As a result, they enjoy an easy customer experience because the number of steps they need to reach your company are minimal. If any business wants to know the region that a customer wants to reach, they can use IVR input.

3. Number Masking to Protect the Customer’s Privacy

Today, one of the most essential measures in any business is protection of customer’s privacy. Actually, most industries are highly multiplying their efforts to secure the privacy of their customers. After all, almost all online transactions need customers to submit their phone number for effective communication. Nonetheless, there is sharing of these numbers with various individuals and partners. For this reason, you need to be certain that your number is in safe hands and secure.

The number of cases associated to harassment and spam calls reported by customers are growing daily. Therefore, there is a high need to put this to an end. To do so, you need to mask the phone number.

Through phone number masking, you can connect to two parties without showing their phone numbers. Indeed, this is essential to marketplace models of businesses, Cabs, Logistics, and E-commerce. In these businesses, you need to share the phone number of a customer with many individuals like a vendor, a driver, a delivery person, and others.

Rather than connecting your company staff direct to a customer, number masking helps you to connect them to a customer via a virtual number. After that, you can program this virtual number to connect to the ideal customer depending on the person calling, time, and others. In turn, powerfully assign the customer’s number. Furthermore, the customer can use this number to call back if they need to get in touch with the executive.

This number becomes obsolete after the company staff updates the interaction status. Thus, the customer and staff cannot contact each other after the interaction ends.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, customer experience is vital in any business, regardless of the company size or industry. Therefore, if you want to take your business to the next level, start by personalizing customer communication. Ensure the communication is easy. You can do so using virtual numbers.

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