Ways to Increase your Sales Growth using Cloud Communications

Irrespective of having excellent communication skills or product knowledge, you need to have an appropriate technology solution which anchors your sales activities for you to achieve a good sales record. Luckily, you can increase your Sales growth using Cloud Communications platform. New and established enterprises are increasingly utilizing cloud communications for sales and marketing growth.


One of the best reasons why the sales department is popularly using cloud telephony all over the world is because they rapidly increase your sales productivity. In return, they allow you to concentrate on real selling. The best means to increase your sales growth might be a cloud communications platform.

Increase your Sales Growth using Cloud Communications in the following ways:

1. Moving faster than you did before 

The ease of using, deploying, and managing are among the best things that clouds ocommunications offer.

You can set up a cloud communication that is complete with your other modified call flows, sales tools, and others within some days. On the contrary, setting up a traditional telephony system would cost you a lot of time, as well as high costs.

You can use the money you save from making a telephony infrastructure to either train or hire more agents. Besides this, the time spent in managing your calling system and in regulating call flows can be used to ensure the operations are running smoothly.

All those make cloud telephony suitable for small companies, as saves on infrastructure costs, as well as minimizing operational costs. For more prominent companies, it provides easier large-scale deployment without issues linked with traditional business-level deployments.

2. Filtering your leads

Do you want your sales team to concentrate on their primary task? If so, you should have a filtering mechanism that assists in sorting calls before an agent coming online. Although it is so much, you can do using cloud telephony, assigning virtual numbers can be your first step.

Among the features that will help you increase productivity is IVR. You can make sure that calls get to the appropriate department by providing callers with IVR choices in advance. By doing so, you will save the caller’s and agents’ time because all calls will be filtered.

Also, a multi-language IVR might be essential in markets with many languages, such as South East Asia, India, the US, or Europe. Letting callers choose a language that they are entirely comfortable with makes them feel appreciated.

3. Stopping missing leads

Among the greatest sales mistakes is the inability of your team to receive each incoming call. This mistake is detrimental for your business. As you know, a missed call might be a missed deal that would take years. But This mistake is easily avoidable.

As a sales team, you must attend to all calls. Also, you should follow each lead within the shortest possible time. If you want a call handling system that handles such issues, cloud telephony is ideal for you. This is because it has features that are customized for sales teams. These include automatic routing to the next available agent that ensures no missed call. And in case your team is small to handle all the calls, then you can create a call-back system. In the meantime, location independence is essential. But mobile apps have made it easier because an internet connection is all a cloud telephony system requires.

4. Unique offers and Upsells

Among the most critical sections of building an excellent customer, the encounter is after-sales feedback, as well as follow-up. One way of doing this is by attaching IVR surveys or post-call SMS. Also, a unique sales and marketing benefit from SMS integration. Do you want to provide your highly valued customers with early access to a sale? Are you starting a new service or product and you pitching it to your existing customers is vital? Or, do you want to share discount coupons prior the festive season?

You can achieve all the above with Cloud telephony, giving you time to concentrate on your primary responsibility.

5. Make better proposals

The capability to record calls is the other feature that is important for all enterprise cloud communications platform. This is essential in your business because it helps your sales team to make exceptional proposals after receiving calls from good leads. Although your sales staff might be taking notes, the ability to rewind the sales call is of essential use. In most cases, you will be capable of getting details which you may have missed on your notes.

Besides that, the conversation comprises of what was said, as well as how the customer indicates his or her needs, and the intensity they put on the subject of discussion. You should be keen on the particular terms and phrases they have used, and make them part of your proposal. This might assist your sales team in preparing a pitch that has a higher opportunity of going through.

However, call recordings are beyond that because they are useful at modifying your sales and pitches conversation through assisting you in perfecting and concentrating on whatever is working.

6. Training your team

Among the most appropriate features of training your staff is playing back call recordings. When done by experienced personnel, playing back calls may build a great atmosphere that cannot be offered by any handbook. Besides that, it may assist in the training of new and in-experienced agents through ensuring feedbacks are great.

The capacity of cloud telephony making your training program outstanding goes beyond this because features such as call whispering allow your trainer to do the guiding of new agents on live calls. Also, call barging function allows an experienced agent to replace a new salesperson who finds himself/herself in a difficult situation.

Additionally, there are other means you can use to improve your performance supervision. Easier access to views and performance details ensures your department keeps going.

7. Get more incoming leads

Web presence attracts the concentration of most businesses for a good reason. Among the many things that provide any visitor with any information about your offerings are pricing info, FAQs, videos, and live demos. Besides that, it means anyone who calls your sales agents has some idea regarding you, and he/she might consider buying your product or service.

In such a situation, virtual numbers help your agents understand they might receive a call from someone who has visited your website. However, this is possible by adding a click-to-call button on your website. Alternatively, you can request their numbers for an arranged call-back. Although this is up to you, the easier it is for a lead to contact your sales agent, the higher the leads you will receive.

8. More suitable conversations

As earlier noted, a cloud-based call solution may offer your business various means of enhancing the efficiency of your agents, as well as quality customer encounter. The outcome of using either IVR to provide customized call routing, or caller ID alongside CRM integration is the same. However, you can go a notch higher by building many modified call flows as you want.

For instance, you can transfer existing customers to sales agents who are okay with your product’s technical features. Alternatively, you may require your highly valued customers to be helped by agents with a more excellent experience. This minimizes the time that your valued customers will need for their calls to be answered and reduce the possibility of transferring a call when in the middle of a conversation. Equally, the resources of your team get enhanced by making sure the agents get assigned to appropriate customers.

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9. Keep tracing the RoI

Among the areas where cloud telephony wins are entirely in providing a more natural means of setting virtual numbers. Indeed, your channels and marketing campaigns can be assigned different numbers.

This allows you to trace RoI easily. Also, if you are running banner ads on various ad networks, it helps you to decide the system that is working effectively quickly.  Also, virtual numbers help in making inbound sales calls to have more meaning. Your sales agents can modify their sales pitches appropriately because they get vital knowledge on how the caller found you.

10. Highly customized pitches

The mantra of every business that wants to grow is that data is king. Therefore, every info you gather from sales calls and support offered to a visitor is vital in enhancing and making your services better. Meanwhile, the more information you get from the caller, the better because you are good to provide the type of customized services minimize competition for customer-centric companies.

Luckily, cloud telephony is ideal for this job, as it is a SaaS platform. The availability of post-call into your database makes it easier for agents to update useful information that came later. On the other hand, CRM integration ensures your agents can utilize the caller’s history to provide modified, and good target pitch. For your information, an excellent cloud telephony system should show all knowledge of the caller to your salesperson for effective modification of his/her pitch.


As a result of advanced technology, cloud telephony is a whole section of all business landscape. Irrespective of the size and industry, many businesses are now increasing their Sales Growth using  Cloud Communications service. Among the reasons why this new tech has grown swiftly is because it acts like a force multiplier all sales team.

You can try a unique and enhanced cloud communication platform for your effective business communications.