Top 9 Web-based Services for Text-to-Speech Conversion

Are your eyes feeling strained after sitting for long hours in front of your computer? Or, are you willing to do some task on your computer but you cannot focus? How would it feel if you can close your eyes relaxing and listen to someone reading the stuff you were to read? Indeed, it is a nice feeling. Web-based Services for Text-to-Speech Conversion helps you to make your work easier.


Due to advanced text-to-speech conversion technology, it is possible. Some years back, converting text to speech required you to install some software applications. But, they were not that effective. Luckily, improved technology has offered us with good text to speech services. Besides this, most of them are of good quality, reliable, and free.

Here are the best online web services, which allows you to convert text to speech fast and with ease:

1. ImTranslator

Although its appearance is not attractive like you would expect, it is good. Indeed, it is among the most versatile web services on this list. Also, it has one unique feature that makes it beat other TTS websites.

This site is capable of translating text in any language. Besides that, it will then read the text in the language that you want. The other services have a few limits of languages supported. However, ImTranslator supports over ten languages in terms of text to speech service.


  • To use this service, a free registration is needed.
  • It has a spell checker that provides full-featured top-notch spell checking tool for the precise input of information in these languages; Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and English.
  • An online translator who translated texts in actual time then changes it into speech before reading it out to you.
  • A virtual keyboard that enables multilingual text input. Languages supported include Urdu, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Italian, Irish, Icelandic, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, German, French, Finish, Farsi, Estonian, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, and Arabic.
  • The TTS service gets presented by animated characters that read the text in a human-sounding manner. Also, it is present in different languages like Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and U.S English.

2. Paralink TTS Converter

Although this website does not appear to have much, it is among the most Natural Sounding Voice Conversations services. Also, the other major thing regarding this service is the user-friendly interface. For a quick conversion of text into speech, paste it, and then start playing.


  • Has a limit of 1000 characters.
  • The speed of speech might be different.
  • It has translator services.
  • Languages supported are Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and English.


This service allows you to access AT&T Natural Voices TTS technology for free. The licensing of this technology is from Wizzard Software Corp, as well as Windows Voices from Microsoft Corp.

In short, the text reader is free. So, you can listen to books, blogs, RSS feeds, emails, PowerPoint presentations, homework, and work documents, among others when exercising, commuting, and relaxing.

Therefore, this service is incredible for entertainment, multi-tasking, proofreading documents, learning a new language, and e-learning.


  • Requires registration for use.
  • Needs QuickTime to work.
  • Keeps a podcast library, allowing you to listen to the conversions of other people. However, podcasts that get added to the library are public.

4. SpokenText.Net

This service offers unlimited possibilities. It allows recording of text content for easier listening using your preferred playback system. For instance, you can record your novel or notes, then listen wherever you are. Besides that, you can download the recording, and then burn it to a CD. Listen to the CD at the comfort of your home.


  • Has a free trial account, which has a validity of one week.
  • A natural and straightforward interface.
  • It supports German, Spanish, French, and English languages.
  • Sharing your recordings through your Podcasts or blog using SpokenText badges is possible. Also, sharing the records on your site using personal recording players is allowed.

5. Vozme

This service ensures all things are simple. There is a text box on the homepage, which you use to paste your text for conversion to speech. Also, you can choose a male or female voice choice.  Besides, you can make the MP3 file.

The best thing regarding this service is that it does not need any registration, for instant using. Besides that, the conversion is quick. However, unlike other services, the voice more robotic, thus the sound is not very natural.


  • Reads the text in Catala, Portuguese, Italiano, Espanol, Hindi, and English languages.
  • Male and female voice choices available.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Offers a speech synthesis bookmarklet for the conversion of any webpage to speech on your browser.
  • Provides iGoogle gadget and Facebook widget.
  • Allows easier addition of speech to your Blogger, Joomla, or WordPress website.


This service is free of charge. Further, it converts a vast amount of text very fast. However, you cannot listen to the conversion online, because the MP3 file must be downloaded on your computer for listening. Also, this service allows the use of the data for any purpose, both commercial and non-commercial.


  • Has a volume scale ranging from 1 to 10.
  • Offers four options in female and male voices.
  • The number of characters you want to convert has no limit.
  • It is free of charge, and its use does not need any registration.


A free web-based service which helps people with written material. Uses TTS technology to do so. Also, users of this service may make clear sounding audio files from nearly all written materials.


  • Has 15 readers in different languages. You can adjust the reader’s speed.
  • Requires you to make an account for use.
  • It has a browser toolbar.
  • Files created may be e-mailed, embedded, podcasted, or downloaded.
  • The Personal library of saved MP3
  • You can utilize available Avatars, or make a personal one for your profile.
  • Converts RSS, web pages, HTML, PDF, Word, and Text to speech.

8. Odiogo

Contrary to other websites, the approach of this service when converting text to speech is different. It has media-shifting technology, which increases your reach. Thus, it changes new blogs and sites into top-notch, near human quality audio files that are ready for downloading. And, for playing on any device, any time wherever you are. Also, it allows blog publishers to monetize content using attached ads in podcasts.


  • Embedded ads can be used in monetizing content.
  • Quality text to speech that is near human.
  • It can create automatic podcasts for your blogs and websites.
  • Detailed download statistics.

9. iSpeech.Org

Either, cut and paste the text you would like to change into speech in the text box, and then click the convert text button. Alternatively, you can upload any blog, site, or document that is supported, and then click the listen or convert file button.

Also, this service does all the work on your behalf. It auto-plays your file after conversion. Also, you can either download, podcast, or embed your file on any web page which backs HTML.


  • Enhances your distribution.
  • It has the best quality voices that sound natural.
  • Instant conversion of blog podcast.
  • Free of charge.
  • Converts files to podcasts.
  • Choices for converted files.


It is possible to make your life easier using text-to-speech conversion services for the conversion of vast amounts of text readable formats. These text-to-speech conversion services are excellent for individuals who like listening to various topics rather than reading. Also, you can use the service that suits your needs.

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