Why Businesses Choose Cloud Phone Systems

Some years back, most businesses had no option but to establish a Public Branch Exchange(PBX). This is an on-site or on-premise telephone network. Even so, a PBX needed a noticeable investment in maintenance and management, large storage, and heavy hardware. For this, a PBX phone system in most cases was not secure, flexible, and affordable.

However, the traditional PBX is not the only choice of business phone systems. This is due to the continuous improvements in digital tech and networking. Rather, most businesses and organizations continue shifting to external PBX solutions that are hosted virtually. These are also known as cloud phone system for business.

Besides being accessible anywhere online, the management of cloud phone system is done off-site. In addition, the IP powered phone systems enables businesses to easily tap in improved communication features. This get done without any investment in maintenance and on-site management.

Here are 5 reasons why most present Businesses choose Cloud Phone Systems:

1. Enhanced security and disaster recovery

Businesses depending on an on-premise PBX are basically storing all their equipment in one area. In turn, the phone service is vulnerable to all risks. For example, natural disasters, fires, power failures, and human error.

On the contrary, a cloud hosted PBX uses remote data centers reduce the risks. In fact, servers get secured by layers of network and physical security. As a result, it is difficult for external threats to affect information and services. Besides that, most cloud phone systems offer redundancy to ensure their services remain accessible and safe. For this reason, service get maintained even when one or many servers experience a geographical failure.

2. Cost savings on service and phone calls

The cloud business phone systems invalidate the need for unessential hardware management, maintenance, and higher administration. This is basically connected with on-premise PBX systems. As a result, companies are capable of adapting and modifying when needed. This comes with huge savings to those switching to cloud phone system for their business.

However, the amount you save depends on different factors like the number of lines you require. According to various reports, virtual or cloud based PBX reduces the costs at around 60%-90%.

3. A cloud phone system offers global reach

The needs of a business, and its employees and customers goes beyond the boundaries of a building. For this reason, it is important to have a communication system which might adapt to that requirement. Such a system is vital for business reputation, security, and scalability.

By default, cloud phone systems may connect with mobile devices. So, owners and employees get access to the phone system irrespective of their location for easier productivity. Likewise, a PBX is ideal for companies with or planning to start many locations. A PBX is capable of connecting all locations using a unified front.

4. Minimal maintenance and administrative needs

Any business that uses traditional PBXs  need to train and certify the employees, or hire external contractors for management and maintenance of a PBX phone system. In turn, this limitation creates an environment with expensive, ineffective, and disruptive updates and maintenance.

The budget needed to do so is huge, as well as other vital ITC jobs, thus blocking the development and growth of business.

On the contrary, a cloud phone system gets hosted off-site. A phone service provider manages the system. Therefore, business owners do not need to sacrifice high human or financial capital to get dependable phone service that has enterprise-level functionality and features.

Besides that, a cloud phone system has a simplified administration. Simple online access enables an easier phone setup and functions. Any phone user can perform the setup as no higher IT work is needed. Changing your phone service from on-premise hardware to a cloud allows users to easily make changes. In fact, the setting up of an office or addition of rules is done with a click of a button.

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5. Adaptability and remote workforce presence

Are you planning to scale up your business? Or, are you planning to start a new branch that needs instant access to phone-based communications? If so, you can use a cloud phone system to enjoy enhanced flexibility without making sacrifices. This flexibility is not limited to phone lines, that might get added or removed as required. In addition, it is linked to mobile presence by apps and features that empower a mobile workforce.

Final Verdict

Apart from changing how you do business, a cloud PBX enhances efficiency, mobility, responsiveness, and adaptability of business. Also, it helps you in enhancing customer service. But, you must select the appropriate system for your business to enjoy these benefits.

Enhance communication in your organization with a unified communication platform.