Enterprise voice communication

Helping to empower your Business through technology, yuwee connect aims to empower the future of business communication. We provide cross-platform technology and even enable enterprises to integrate our (Voice and Video API’s)  SDKs with your web, voice calling, Android or iOS Applications.

Business Cloud Communication

We have long relied on mobile networks, On-site phone system and hefty bills value-added services. By bringing cloud communication software to enterprises, we not only want to cut down your cost of running the business but also reduce the number of complexities you face every day due to communication and technology during enterprise cloud communications.

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Cost Effective

Stop worrying about the headache of buying on-premise equipment and tools because the Cloud helps cutting expenditure on IT Staff and on-site system maintenance. Thus, Enabling You to invest more in other business opportunities.

Scalable Business Expansions

Opening up a new office and wondering wether setting up communication systems again is going to be a hassle? Well, all you require is an email id and average network connectivity now.

Limitless Mobility

We keep you connected with your staff and peers at any place; using any device. All you need is one e-mail address, Wi-Fi, and Yuwee Connect.

Global Connect

Its an era of globalisation and Your business knows no limit. Thus you need something which goes with you where your business takes you. Anywhere. Anytime.

Enriching and Customizing Your Communication

Designed for Developer’s :
Powerful SDK’S & API

An all-in-one efficient & powerful communication
tool to combine call, video and messaging.
Designed for Developer’s :
Powerful SDK’S & API
An all-in-one efficient & powerful communication
tool to combine call, video and messaging.

Till when can we rely on the old On-site communication system, which is not able to keep up with the fast-changing E-world. Why let old technology hold back your business?
Presenting you a flexible, efficient and high performance guaranteed robust system which can be used for any business, enterprise or personal use as per the requirement for conference call app, video call for android and iPhone. We are here to help you unlock your potential and be up-to-date with all the new features.

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Founded in the year 2015, Yuwee is the world’s first disruptive and cost effective unified communication platform that uses emails as endpoints as a mode for connecting  all types of communication. The company’s mission is to make people connect, collaborate and have unified control through a unified platform.

Yuwee with its Connect platform is a cloud based network which is for general use. Whereas Our Business Suite, consists of mobile and Web APIs & SDKs to enable a variety of businesses to embed real-time communication right into their existing platforms and hence become future-ready with minimum development effort.

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