Our Story

Founded in the year 2015, Yuwee is the world’s first disruptive and cost effective unified communication platform that uses emails as endpoints for connecting all types of communication. Our mission is to make people connect, collaborate and have control through a unified platform.

What we have created at Yuwee is base for powerful communication applications. These applications, like voice, video, or chat, are “plugged in” to the CPaaS that are commonly through APIs. This alleviates the need for extra software or hardware for businesses. To scale effectively businesses need a secure communication channel that fits easily into existing infrastructure,workflow and environment.

We currently have two products- Yuwee integrate and yuwee connect. Yuwee Connect is a cloud based network with reliable multi platform communication. Yuwee Integrate consists of SDKs and APIs that is mobile and web to enable businesses in embedding real time communication in existing platforms. These products can help businesses become future ready with minimal development effort.

Co Founders & Directors
Prof Hari Krishna Garg
Co- Founder
nitin pangarkar
Prof Nitin Pangarkar
Co- Founder & Director
Capt Vikram Kumar
Capt Vikram Kumar
Co- Founder & Ceo
Yagnesh Pota
Yagnesh Pota

Our Team

Tanay Mondal
Android Developer
summit sharma
Sumit Sharma
Head of Engineering
Juhi Khurana
Jupneet Singh
Senior Developer
Pawanjot Singh
Quality Assurance Analyst
Siddhant Bangia
Website Developer
Aman Sodhi
Aman Sodhi
Analytics & Testing
prabhjot shingh
Prabhjot Singh
Analytics & Testing