Easy Dashboard

Neither codes to write nor big changes to be made in your messaging style. Just log in, sync and enjoy our experience of messaging.

Global Coverage

Connecting with our network of global partners, We ensure that you get the best communication gateways and routing network.

Powerful APIs & SDKs

Our powerful and robust APIs ensure that you just get a Plug-and-Play experience when you need us.

Pay As You Grow

Giving You the pricing flexibility, We make sure you get to structure your business in an operating expense model and Pay as you Grow.

Power your communication with speedy messaging service

Supercharging your team. Engaging your customer.

Smart Routing

All our micro-optimised routing has been synchronised to ensure each and every message is delivered to your dear ones and stakeholders.

Global Connectivity

Yuwee ensures that your business does not stop at a place, this is why a country is no barrier to our messaging service and you can interact with the help of Yuwee messaging, globally!


Easily help you to integrate your current message flow, optimize speed and enhance your productivity with the help of Peer-to-peer (SMPP) protocol.

Two way messaging

Have a healthy relationship with your customers. Pay for the outbound while get all the incoming messages for free.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will YuWee work internationally?

Yes, YuWee works globally as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Can a Registered YuWee user call a non-registered user, and How?

A registered user can initiate a call to non-registered user on YuWee. When a registered user initiates a call by using the email id of other non-registered user, an email will be sent with links to attend the call. Non-registered user can use those links and get on the call with registered user.

Can I add a member during an active call?

Yes, you can add a member while the call is going on.

Is there any way to join the call if it drops for any random reason?

For one-to-one call- there is no way to join the same call, user has to start the call again.
For a group call- user can join the same call from Recent calls list by pressing the Join button.

Can I share my screen with other users on the call?

Yes, you can enable screen sharing from the call screen.
Note: Currently screen sharing is only available on Chrome and Firefox for desktops.

Have Questions?

  Feel free to ask Yuwee experts