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We have long relied on mobile networks, On-site phone systems and hefty bills Value added services. Cloud communication is quickly becoming the new companion for people. Cloud-based communication will allow all the business and people to make communications their stronghold, integrate different applications, cut their budget, reduce the number of complexities related to telephone technology and ensure better efficiency.

Why Cloud Communication
Global Connect

Its an era of globalisation and Your business knows no limit. Thus you need something which goes with you where your business takes you. Anywhere. Anytime.

Cost Effective

Stop worrying about the headache of buying on-premise equipment and tools because the Cloud helps cutting expenditure on IT Staff and on-site system maintenance. Thus, Enabling You to invest more in other business opportunities.

Limitless Mobility

We keep you connected with your staff and peers at any place; using any device. All you need is one e-mail address, Wi-Fi, and Yuwee Connect.

Disaster Protection

Having Your data on cloud ensures you don’t suffer from any business discrepancies, whether natural or otherwise and keeps your team and communication systems untethered and intact at all times.

Scalable Business Expansions

Opening up a new office and wondering wether setting up communication systems again is going to be a hassle? Well, all you require is an email id and average network connectivity now.

You + We = Yuwee

Giving You the Best with greater cost reduction!

We, at Yuwee ensure that your business thrives at an unstoppable pace with crisp HD voice and video features embedded with quality messaging features. This all is done keeping in mind the needs of your business, tailored specifically for your business and also ensuring that we provide you best cost cutting measures.

Any Platform
It works on Desktop, mobile & Tablets or as online app via your browser.

Online Dashboard
Detailed information is always available right at your hand.

Certified Team
We have super-pro team with certified experts and crypto gurus.

All Data Stored on user Devices due to end-to-end algorithm.

Strong Encryption
Sign in with MFA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your personal wallet.

Support Team
We have 5-stars rated online support system working 24 hours 7 days in a week.

Core Features

Collaborate and communicate
If you need reliable, secure and hinderance free voice and video calls then the solution is Yuwee Connect. It presents you with unified communications ensuring your partners and shareholders are satisfied. A hassle free, low cost and a lean structure to your business succeed.
Connect to multiple devices
Whether in office, beach or playing with your children, no need to carry your laptop everywhere. All your devices are synced for a smooth and efficient experience which will make your life easier and also help you manage your data.
Unified Cloud Based platform
One cloud-One network to help you manage your businesses anywhere, anytime and from any device. No hassle to collaborate via a particular method or be worried about reaching the office. All your mails, documents and files are just a tap away!
Instant messaging
Our instant messaging feature provides you with engaging, quick, reliable and an efficient messaging service. It will help you notify, contact and remind your colleagues about essentials dates and alerts. It is an interactive service including both short as well as long codes.
Virtual room meetings
Our virtual room meetings are one of a kind with play and pause and HD-quality voice and video features. Experience group meeting like never before in a unified cloud communication interface whether you be on phone, tablet or PC.
End-to-end encyption
A sense of privacy and freedom while communicating is essential and we respect that. This is why we ensure all your conversations remain exclusive to you without any data leakage. The data will be encrypted from both the ends of the receiver as well as the sender. No third party spying or interference for a reliable, secure and safe mode of communication.
New messaging made
for people
An all-in-one efficient & powerful communication
tool to combine call, video and messaging.
New messaging made
for people
An all-in-one efficient & powerful communication
tool to combine call, video and messaging.
 Frequently Asked Questions

Will YuWee work internationally?

Yes, YuWee works globally as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Can a Registered YuWee user call a non-registered user, and How?

A registered user can initiate a call to non-registered user on YuWee. When a registered user initiates a call by using the email id of other non-registered user, an email will be sent with links to attend the call. Non-registered user can use those links and get on the call with registered user.

Can I add a member during an active call?

Yes, you can add a member while the call is going on.

Is there any way to join the call if it drops for any random reason?

For one-to-one call- there is no way to join the same call, user has to start the call again.
For a group call- user can join the same call from Recent calls list by pressing the Join button.

Can I share my screen with other users on the call?

Yes, you can enable screen sharing from the call screen.
Note: Currently screen sharing is only available on Chrome and Firefox for desktops.

Have Questions?

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