API Integration

Get Global Communication Experience from our integrated API’S

API Integration

Get Global Communication Experience from our API integration services 

A New perspective for Business communication

Enabling your business to create communication communities & managing it like a virtual Tel-co

For making your business to grow, communication at workplace along with team collaboration is a must at every level. Therefore, we understand the importance of cloud communication which will increase the enterprise productivity & provide a unified network for your optimized calls.

Transparency & Uniformity

Tactics of charging extra has taken a toll on our business and personal communication needs. We are in need of transparency and a pay-as-you-grow system with prepaid yet full proof tariffs and a good quality communication service.

A World of Walled Applications

With Advancement in technology new applications with decorated features have to be used as a bridge to communicate among your team &  stake holders. Ultimately lowering excessive cost, risk of losing data to third parties and dependency on third parties for bringing in the software and hardware side of your business.

Evolution of Communication Systems

The old mobile network and communication techniques have loads to deliver in surplus but the range, scope and efficiency is nowhere near to the expectations. The 4G’s 5G’s and all the new plans and tariffs are just putting an additional budget over your business Model.

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How our cloud communication platform helps


Accessing your files form any device would now be practical with Yuwee. Have your virtual office room tag along with you anywhere you go in the world, stay updated with your team, check the progress personally and be an integral part of your business with one unified interface


You are no more depending on mobile signals, third party messaging vendors, network issues, expensive tariffs, privacy issues, accountability to your stakeholders. You have the control of your organization in your hands and you can work according to your conditions and requirements.


All our quality checks and customer support team ensure that no issues arise and even if there is an issue, we ensure that rapid, minimal costing and perfect service is given to you.  Our support staff is generous and ready to help you at any time of the day.


Single vendor will ensure that you have lower costs and management issues for collaborating and contacting the service centres and providers. Save money, invest it on other ventures and help your business grow.


We are not here to please you for one season, we are here to be your partners for many more years. Our robust communication system will ensure that we entangle with your day-to-day office life and make it easier for you. connect across the globe with whoever you want to.


Ensuring limited third-party intervention with maximum transparency and encrypted ends from both the receiver as well as senders’ side. Your safety is our first priority and objective.

Transform your business with Cloud Communications
Re-invent Your Communication Experience
Empower your app/platform with voice, video and messaging and with the liberty to be able to share files, chat and many other features to make your life and work easy.
Unified Communications
We will help you unify C2C, B2B and B2C communication all into one single platform which will be directly synced and integrated with your products and Applications.
Customer Support
We ensure that your get a customer care service which is undisruptive, seamlessly connective, minimal changes in behaviour and provide you with cost effective RTC solutions.
Cost Effective
(Coming Soon)
Yuwee Business ensures that dial-in incurring toll charges and trunk line calls cost can be reduced drastically and be taken in to use somewhere else.
Cross Platform Communication
Any platform, any device or any application, all you need is one e-mail id. We do not ask you to download, add any plug-in or experience any interruption because of any barrier whatsoever.
Enhanced Communication Experience
We lease you out APIs and SDKs, help you with the complexity related with RTC and present you with a unified platform for communication and collaboration.

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Offering efficient communication tools for
enhancing your communication systems.

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Offering efficient communication tools for
enhancing your communication systems.

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