Yuwee offers a community of ready-to-customize software applications, covering a spectrum of solutions for both enterprise and service provider deployments.

Why Yuwee?

  • Based on proven platforms, the portfolio of Yuwee applications and services can improve time-to-market, cut development costs.
  • Reduce maintenance expenses.
  • Accommodate the level of integration to match customer needs.
  • We help you to increase your engagements, so that, your business is always growing.
  • Modular building blocks for integration into existing environments.
  • We provide you with an Interface which is extremely User-Friendly.

White Label Services

Yuwee offers business-ready white label solutions uniquely tailored for SMB’s to provide better communication experience to your customers.

Our white-label service will enable our channel partners to sell and brand the platform for their customers.


Six reasons why resellers choose white label over our competitors:

  •  High-Profit Margins
  • Ease of Scalability.
  • On-demand Customer Support.
  • Employ in public and private clouds.
  • Control & Flexibility.
  • Unmatched Reliability.


  • Rich Communication capabilities: At Yuwee, you will get an all in one experience of real-time communication applications such as instant messaging chat & video conferencing. By opting us as your white label partners, you can enjoy these rich communication capabilities and grow your business faster with high potential revenue. Be it Desktop, Laptop or mobile phones, Yuwee can work efficiently across all platforms.
  • Real-time configuration: With our advanced methodologies, our web portal brings ease in managing all the subscribers and their user accounts. The user-friendly portal for real-time configuration provides the ability to our clients to efficiently manage and accomplish the multiple processes from a single platform.
  • Customer support: We provide email customer support services so that you can get help from our experts for any technical issues. We are trained engineers with the power to find solutions to your problems by understanding your needs.
  • Professional Services: Yuwee offers a wide range of professional services. Our world class processes and tools provide high class services which are delivered on time and prevent interruptions. Our Customization services understand that every customer is different and thus, we provide the services which cater to every customer’s needs.
Our Partners


Founded in the year 2015, Yuwee is the world’s first disruptive and cost effective unified communication platform that uses emails as endpoints as a mode for connecting  all types of communication. The company’s mission is to make people connect, collaborate and have unified control through a unified platform.

Yuwee with its Connect platform is a cloud based network which is for general use. Whereas Our Business Suite, consists of mobile and Web APIs & SDKs to enable a variety of businesses to embed real-time communication right into their existing platforms and hence become future-ready with minimum development effort.