Tailor Made For Education

With the coming up of the technological era, educational organizations can reach out to a large number of students over distant and larger geographical areas. This has posed greater demands for reliable and secure communication services which are easier to collaborate and integrate with existing desktop productivity applications and platforms.


Improving E-commerce Communication In Online Marketplaces

We often overlook the importance of customer-vendor communication for an e-commerce business. There are times when the customers and the vendors need to communicate with each other so that the transaction is carried out smoothly.


Yuwee- The Apt Platform For Online Tutoring

Tutoring has become one of the largest unorganized, money-making industry around the world. The income potential figures can be overwhelming. Stats show that private tutors charge $30 to $60 per hour and for group sessions, they charge around $40 to $50 per session.


Online Community Collaboration Is Still Flawed

Collaboration feature has become more prominent today, and has seen the highest demand so far. Almost every platform allows multiple users to collaborate and utilize the platform together in a real-time.

Logistic Problem

Communication within logistics was not cost-effective nor a pleasant experience

Communication within daily logistics minimally involves three parties who have stakes in the service. They are the sender, the recipient, and the driver (or the logistics company). Be it in distribution of supplies or finished goods, consistent issues always happen.

Yuwee Doctor

Hospital Operations Are Not At Their Best Yet

There are many stakeholders within hospital operations where communication is crucial – to mention a few, there are the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and the patients. However, communication among those stakeholders are pretty much segregated, making it a bit complex for some parties to juggle.


Collaboration With Universities: Students & Professors

At Yuwee, we pledge to take up issues of our day to day life and simplify them and provide solutions which are easy, rapid and efficient. We ensure that in the field of university where students and teachers are the most essential members and they need to stay connected.


Service Centre Was Too Painful For Both Enterprises And Customers

Remember when you need to call customer service centre to enquire on the flight tickets you bought online or from the designated app? Or another story, when you need can only request for a credit card fee waiver via a phone call, despite having the bank’s mobile app?

Riding Apps

Ride Hailing Applications

Today, calling a cab has become more like a day-to-day task and people are choosing them over personal vehicles in various countries. New and better variants of taxi services are coming into market as time passes by.

Dating Apps

Dating Gets Better With Yuwee

Before Yuwee, why relationships are essential?
Amidst our busy lives, good and healthy relationships are essential for living a positive and productive life which is full of love, emotions and minimal suffering, desperation and frustration.

Enterprise Communication

Efficient Enterprise Communication And Collaboration With Yuwee

Enterprise communication and Collaboration without Yuwee
Nowadays, internal and external communication, as well as collaboration, are among the most important aspects for business survival.