Cloud Phone System Benefits for Business

Close to 75% of global businesses have moved to some sort of cloud-based platform. According to the prediction of business analysts, the global market for cloud services this year will be approximately $158.8 billion. Indeed, the cloud phone system benefits fit all businesses, right from startups to big global companies.
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Most cloud phone system providers provide higher unified communication features. Businesses require these features to succeed in the present fast-paced business environment. Years back, businesses relied on the utilization of physical and on-site equipment like PBX cabinets for phone apps and systems. Today, the increased move to the cloud facilitates safe storage of these apps and systems in off-site data centers.

Here are some top reasons why most business owners are moving to cloud PBX phone systems:

1. Enhanced information security

You do not fear to sacrifice data security, by accepting company data to get stored outside the local firewall. A major benefit of the cloud, more so a private cloud solution. There are strict ISO security standards which cloud providers must always follow. Thus, security get enhanced when a client utilizes cloud phone service to do business.

2. Cloud phone systems are affordable

Chat-apiIn comparison to traditional phone services, cloud phone systems have less costs. So, it is beneficial in terms of saving large costs. Indeed, cloud based communications does not require you to pay for heavy and costly installations. Likewise, no regular maintenance charges are needed like in a traditional phone system.

If your phone system is hosted on the internet, you will only pay for the hostage space and the required bandwidth. Also, cloud phone systems provide access to premium features and upgrades either for free, or at no cost. In most cases, cloud phone providers offer fixed monthly fees for every phone line.

3. Increases uniformity

Does your company have different geographical locations? If so, you can easily deploy a strong phone system that has remote offices setup using cloud phone systems. As a result, all users enjoy the same features and call quality.

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4. Highly adaptable

Businesses using cloud phone systems gains by accessing the recent voice features without undertaking any hardware updates. In fact, a cloud service offers the adaptability your business requires today or in future, if its downsizing or expanding.

5. Provides rich features

The cloud based phone systems offer users with various standard features. Alongside these features are automatic attendants, advanced email, voicemail, and many other connected communications choices. Among the higher features is traffic shaping like MPLS, that is essential in preservation of bandwidth. Besides that, it assists in making sure call quality and reliability remains.

Furthermore, some providers like Fastmetrics provide cloud voice over networks that get managed privately. Therefore, voice traffic does not move on the public internet. In addition, cloud phones can get connected to two different on-site internet circuits. Very vital in offering backup.

6. Reduced time to value

Unlike on-site phone services and apps, cloud phone services have minimal time to value. Also, the resources needed to distribute the cloud solution are minimal. For instance, a Silicon Valley startup who wants to get on the phone to cold call capable investors can use a cloud based phone system as it offers a faster avenue.

In addition, as your startup grows and you add your sales team members, then their phone system might get setup immediately. Thus, you do not need an IT expert. Instead, you need to make a call to your cloud phone system vendor, to get similar phone functionality and features for growing your business.

7. Its beneficial to IT teams

With a cloud phone system in place, your IT department can focus on other things, as the phone system maintenance is not part of their work load. Instead, your system gets managed off-site by the vendor. Therefore, your IT department gets time to concentrate on issues of greater priority.

8. Disaster recovery

There should be no down time in your business phone system. Thus, it should have a 24/7 uptime to offer support to your customers. And, to get inbound sales, new business, or leads. With a cloud phone system, you get the benefit of securing loss of business voice in case of a disaster. Furthermore, the use of cloud services guarantees a dependable and resilient phone system.

9. Mobility apps and remote work

Today, all businesses require continuous communication. But, a cloud phone system empowers and benefit businesses with remote employees and off-site work forces. Besides that, cloud hosted systems provides the capacity to communicate with all customers and co-workers, irrespective of their location.

10. The services are easier to scale

The objective of any business and their phone system is to scale. If you have ever expanded or moved to an on premisephone system, then you know the difficulties experienced. Indeed, you must have many equipment, many man-power, and loads of careful moving of bigger hardware. However, the cloud phone system is easier and faster to organize. In fact, you only need to move cables or handsets, without creating an additional burden to your IT department.