The Complete Guide of Call Alerts

There are two things that become essential in times of business emergencies. One, ensuring all stakeholders get information on the problem at hand in real-time. Second is moving fast and working on a solution. In this era, we receive constant alerts and calls. However, spams are thriving. So, how can businesses make sure they are reaching the right people, and at the right time? Call Alerts can come here for the rescue.
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Factors to consider prior to setting up an alerting system

There are two main factors which businesses should consider before setting up an emergency alerting system. These are:

  • Selecting the right alerting technique:- this is based on the urgency and speed that you want someone to respond. For example, calls are appropriate when responding to an emergency. On the other hand, SMS or emails are great if the information is not urgent.
  • System’s dependability- a system used in sending out important alerts should be dependable. But, unpredicted downtimes of the system make it unfit for this type of application.

Why does cloud telephony function better?

Cloud telephony is your ideal option because of these reasons:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Setting up is easier, as well as managing it.
  • Powerful uptimes.
  • Highly scalable.
  • You can track the acknowledgement of the receipt from passed information.
  • It is possible to pass informaiton to many people at the same time.

Cases where cloud telephony has powered emergency call alerts notification system:

1. Cautions for website downtimes and tech tracking

In case your website gets high traffic beyond its limits, there are higher chances it will go down as it cannot withstand the load. If this happens to an established business, it can be a terrible mess. To avoid such nightmares, websites use a simple phone call to notify their engineers and customer happiness team. As a result, they instantly resolve the problem.

This helps in notifying stakeholders without wasting time. Also, it allows businesses to avoid losses and problems.

2. Tracing employee safety in times of natural disasters

Organizations should be in a position to maintain a tab of their employees, as well as keeping their wellbeing when natural disasters occur. But, as we all know, natural disasters first victim is communication. Internet get hit the most. Besides that, the Facebook “mark as safe” feature cannot get accessed by everyone.  Thus, how can a company achieve this using underlying technology? By using a simple phone call.

This helps in:

  • Giving actual-time information on the safety of the employee.
  • Dependability and simple tech.
  • In case a call is unanswered, or someone needs help, the relevant authority in an organization can get an automatic call or SMS.

3. Notifying doctors and hospitals when there is an emergency

Among the industries where negligence results in possible life-threatening effects in healthcare. Further, time is the most crucial factor when there is a medical care emergency. Delays can separate life and death in some minutes. For this reason, some hospitals have adopted technology to enhance their response time and success for an emergency.


If there is an emergency, the paramedics or a person with the patient makes a call to the hospital with all information regarding the patient, as their emergency case. After that, the hospital will use some minutes to find the appropriate physicians and medical technicians.  Doctors get alerted when information from the person who is calling get collected.

If you are still facing problems with quality of calls, you can try enhanced Voice API.

This helps in:

  • In streamlining communication.
  • Quick response by the doctors.
  • Collecting relevant information regarding the emergency before the patient arriving at the hospital.

4. Automated vehicle accident alert system(IoT)

The automated vehicle notifying system powered by IoT is a lifesaving technology which may instantly notify the nearest medical facility or a family member if an accident occurs.

This helps in:

  • Taking instant actions, and avoiding time wastage due to lack of knowledge.
  • Making the difference between death and life within a few minutes.


Most people take phone calls for granted, thus ending up ignoring them. As a matter of fact, phone calls are regarded as a marketing strategy.

However, this technology has an actual and visible effect on the people surrounding us. From all the above cases, communication is simple but solves many more significant problems. Call Alerts help you in emergency situations.

In conclusion, you should find a system with less or no downtimes, and a process which needs less thinking in case of an emergency — also, simple technology.

You can try a unique and enhanced cloud communication platform for your effective business communications.