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Does upgrading to a recent technology such as VoIP phone service make you excited? Indeed, switching to a new system, be it an application or a completely new technology can be enjoyable. But it may be stressful during the change and workflows that exist.
VoIP Phone Service

Nonetheless, stress does not come with every upgrade. As a matter of fact, VoIP phone services are among the things that offer you instant gains. Further, VoIP phone service can enhance your business procedures, as well as user satisfaction.

In this guide, you will get in-depth knowledge about VoIP phone service.

What is a VoIP phone service?

The substitution of your existing landline is certainly a VoIP phone service. Nowadays, most business and residential phone systems get powered by VoIP technology. As a matter of fact, there are higher chances you have ever used VoIP without knowing. VoIP powers services such as Skype, FaceTime, and Google Voice.

VoIP functions by sending voice calls over the internet connection. Moreover, a business-class VoIP phone service will be beneficial to all departments in your company. As a result, you get higher productivity benefits as your project teams are working in collaboration, irrespective of the location.

Why is VoIP an Ideal option for your business?

Organizations of all sizes might benefit from a VoIP phone service. Thus, it is irrespective of you being an entrepreneur who has one employee, or if you are managing a worldwide business. You might watch your monthly bills dropping by over 30%, after switching to VoIP.

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Among the significant benefits provided by VoIP phone service is adaptability. You employees are no longer fixed to one office or desk. So, you have the freedom of sending your staff to client locations, let them work from home, or relocate them to offices in different locations without transferring calls or giving them new numbers.

Also, you will get the freedom of option in terms of establishment of VoIP in an organization. Is maintaining control over the phone system you need? If so, get a customized SIP trunking solution. Or, purchase the service from professionals to avoid the hassle of maintenance, as well as repairs. In short, a hosted VoIP service is your ideal solution. Irrespective of your business needs, the VoIP establishment is done on your behalf.

VoIP enterprise features

The VoIP phone service is beyond a mere phone line. The analog phone systems allow you to add several elements on your primary phone line. But, the VoIP phone service does not have such limitations. As a matter of fact, the VoIP combines many features into a single package.

Further, an ideal VoIP vendor might provide everything, starting with digital faxing to visual voicemail for all enterprise customers. Besides, it is easier to add a new feature on your existing plan if you want. Also, if you do not require the digital faxing, go ahead and disable it to avoid unnecessary costs.

Here are some enterprise features which you can receive from VoIP phone services:

Emergency calling

It is difficult for VoIP phone services to provide emergency calling, as a user has no location associated with him or her. However, many vendors are now providing E911 platform which offers the same function. Thus, employees may contact emergency services when on their desk or away.

Contacts directory

Your contacts directory may get integrated by VoIP phone service. Also, it is possible to store most kinds of data for every contact. Further, the directory may display the status of every contact as available or busy. Thus, you will avoid interrupting anyone when she/he is busy.

Conference calling

Setting up and managing audio and conference calls that have VoIP is easier. Thus, you can, in advance, set up a conference call or initiate it in an established group conversation. Also, inviting the participant to join with either audio or video is allowed. Also, you can record sessions.

If you have teams with members who are scattered all over the world, then the conference call that is powered by VoIP is your ideal solution. Further, it is suitable for organizations who work with many partners when delivering their goods and service.

You can try a unique and enhanced cloud communication platform for your effective business communications.

Virtual numbers

You can buy numbers with specific area codes using virtual numbers. There are no particular phone lines that are attached to these numbers. Among how businesses utilize virtual numbers are:

  • Implementing operations in a new market without a physical office.
  • Providing local numbers to customers of a particular market. Thus, they will not incur long distance charges.
  • Setting up many virtual numbers which are particular to every product or service you are providing to customers.

Reception consoles

They offer an enhanced interface for individuals handling many calls. In fact, it is designed for administrative assistants, receptionists, and other associated duties. Further, reception consoles feature an integrated phone book which indicates the status of every extension. For example, available, or busy. Also, the user can carry out operations such as attended transfer, placing calls on hold, and transferring calls among others.

Final Thoughts

A VoIP phone service is ideal for any business, despite its size and industry. With VoIP phone service, you are guaranteed instant benefits. Moreover, apart from the features above, other VoIP business features are music on hold, ACD Queues, time-based routing, ring groups, voicemail, and interactive voice response.

If you are still facing problems with quality of calls, you can try enhanced Voice API.