Top 5 reasons to choose SMS Campaign for client communication

Voice Calling is the quickest and simplest means for employees to communicate with each other despite their location, and for businesses with their customers. Although some questions from customers might be answered online, most of them have specific questions which they opt speaking with a real person. Therefore, choosing a reliable communication software is essential for every business. 
reasons to choose SMS Campaign for client communication

Implementing a consistent and effective communication channel with customers is among the primary objectives for businesses today. Among the main parts of the communication, the plan is a medium, because of increased penetration of mobile in the market, and changing times.

Some marketers prefer chat apps for marketing. But, it is worth noting that only smartphone users can use chat apps mediums. A recent study showed that smartphone users in India are just 17%. This percentage is less compared to the population.

For this reason, SMS campaigns are ideal for your campaign. SMS medium allows a business to get in touch with their customer’s without considering the mobile phone they use.

Further, the quickest, cost-effective, and the most-efficient means of business getting in touch with its customers on time is an SMS campaign.


Here Are Five Reasons Why an SMS Marketing Campaign Should be in Your Communication Plan:

1 – Low churn rates

In comparison to emails, SMS have a lower churn rate. The primary reason is the fact by default, emails provide an “unsubscribe” option. On the other hand, customers do not get a prompt to unsubscribe each time they get a message from any business. As a result, the lower opt-out rate in SMS campaigns. Your message can only get deleted.

2 – The open rates are higher

All telecom operators have SMS in their basic packages. Despite the plan the users select, this facility is available to all of them. So, anyone who owns a phone understands how messaging functions. As a matter of fact, an average mobile phone user is capable of accessing, opening, and responding to an SMS. A recent survey shows that it takes 3minutes for an SMS to get opened after delivery. Further, the open rate is around 98%, compared to emails, which receives about 25-28%.

3 – Easier Customization

Sending an appropriate message at the ideal time is the only means of pushing a customer to interact with your business. Without any doubt, marketers today regard customization as a top priority. SMS campaigns allow 160 characters. Thus, you can craft it to deliver a clear, precise, and super-targeted message. So, as a marketer, you have the chance to craft and personalize messages depending on your previous customer interactions, and other factors.

The response rates increase with increased personalization. Although personalization increases the response rates on a campaign, crafting one-to-one messages takes more time. Besides that, email is a fierce battle to win because of the raised cost of customer attention.

4 – It Is More Cost Effective

You must use a telecom service provider for SMS marketing at a premium cost. As a result, you get the ability to send many messages when campaigning. Besides that, SMS is, without doubt, more cost-effective when compared to emails, which require you to sign-up for tools which assist you in managing the subscriber base and in automating the message among others.

5 – Higher Response Rates


According to various studies, 2,617 is the number of times an average person uses his/her in a day. In addition, the fact that you are always carrying your phone wherever you go raises your chances of responding to any SMS received.

For this reason, it is evident that SMS marketing works the best for local businesses that want to interact with their customers. Also, depending on the location of a user, a timely and actionable message raises the chances of receiving a response. The technique of grouping your customers depending on their physical location is referred as SMS geo-fencing. According to a report by Forbes, this technique is now an emerging marketing style.

There are so many companies who are determined to assist local business by integrating all their marketing efforts via SMS. They apply SMS for both transaction and promotion reasons. As a result, these businesses have maintained higher customer interaction rates. On the contrary, emails have a higher adoption rate, but there are higher chances that your messages will get lost in the user’s inbox volume. Or, land in the spam folder irrespective of being spam free.

Final Verdict

A perfect customer interaction campaign gets to the consumers at an appropriate time with a proper message. Because emails and social media are now overcrowded with many businesses working hard to get in touch with their audience using many campaigns, SMS is the solution. It is part of the user’s daily life and does not have noise. You can read more on the advantages of SMS reminders.